Saturday, December 5, 2009


I walk
You help me
I speak
You help me
I sing
You help me
I think
You help me
My strength when I walk
My words when I speak
My song when I sing
My thoughts when I think
Then I realize
You have been my strength all the way long
We’ve come a long way
But You’ve long way been with me
I’ve really not been my own
Seriously, I’ve been carried by you all my life
I have nothing
I can do nothing
When I try
I do nothing
I run circles on my own
I run back to that spot I left You
If I can
I have nothing
All belongs to you
All is done by You
We are just instruments
You are all
You are everything
The path who has ordained my path
My mistakes is no mistake at all
Not that you approve of my wrongs
You wrong my wrongs
And right me in Your Righteousness
Then I see you’ve been everything
The stars that shines at night even to my righteousness
Everything I was not
Everything I am not
Everything of my nothing


Figuring out the puzzle
The puzzle’s got me puzzled
It all seems bigger than me
When I try to figure it out
I figure out my confusion
It gets me so tensed up
And makes me realize the smallness and limitation of my mind
The human mind
My Realization: It seems impossible to figure out this puzzle
It wasn’t made by me anyway
The one who made it got it figured out
And it seems like the maker of the puzzle made this for enjoyment
Not for the occurrence of confusion!
My Resolve: The puzzle is life
I would stop trying to figure it out
Rather I would seek the one who’s got it figured out
There goes my confusion out of the door!
Then with the One who’s got it figured out
Enjoyment of this amazing puzzle all the way


If I was an umbrella during rainy days
Remember me
If I helped you stand again on shaky grounds
Remember me
If I held you through a hard time
Remember me
If I spoke for you when words failed
Remember me
If I told you how much you were loved
Remember me
If I showed you how much you were loved
Remember me
If I gave you a penny on my way to church
Remember me
If I spoke a word of grace
Remember me
If I made it as simple as ABC
Remember me
If I taught you in Sunday school
Remember me
If I wiped a tear from your eyes
Remember me
If I told you it was all gonna be okay
Remember me
If I shared a plate of food with you
Remember me
If I was there when no one was there
Remember me
If I said a joke that made you laughed so hard
Remember me
If I helped you walk again
Remember me
If I gave you water to quench your thirst
Remember me
If I picked up your stuff for you when it you dropped them
Remember me
If I showed you the light in a dark area
Please do remember me still

Thursday, November 19, 2009


‘Enough grace for today ‘
I hear You say
‘Take no worry of tomorrow’
‘Tomorrow would take care of itself’
Your own words spoken thousands of years ago
To a multitude of worried hearts and troubled minds
Can You please say something else?
Something more reassuring
Something that my blind mind can see
Something that sounds like
‘take no thought of thought of tomorrow because I have got it all planned out this way and that way . . . . and so and so good stuff is exactly what’s going to happen. . .’
But that sounds like the Gospel according to me!
The place of faith and daily trust is misplaced in that which I long to hear.
What then would be the expectation of my faith?
It would be futile
But for now. . .
I would pray for the perspective of a man like Habakkuk
Stranded in my blind position
Unable to see what You see
Take me up that hill of endless faith
Show me what You see
Show me what You see that makes You the God of Serenity who desires His creation to be serene
Or rather open my blind mind
That I might stop my ‘unreasonable reasonings’
Like Zephaniah, remind me You quiet troubled minds with Your love
And finally when You have led me to Your mountain of divine perception, please don’t forget to instruct me like you did to Habakkuk to write all I see and would be seeing and make it plain and simplified. . . .
. . . .That as I run through this life towards Your doors of Eternity, that would be my watchword.


The man stood at the door waiting for his son to come home
He’s been here for years but no son seems to come
He says to himself ‘I know one day my son would come back’

The man sits in church hoping for his son to show up
He’s been hoping for years but no son seems to show up
He whispers a prayer ‘I know one day my son would show up’

The man lies in his sick bed longing for his son to arrive soon
He’s been longing for years but now he longs even more
He smiles ‘I know you are coming to take care of me’

The man breathes his last looking for his son to hold him
He drowns away in the inevitable sea that engulfs him
His smile , he still has
His faith, he still holds
His hope, he still cherishes
Waiting for his son
He’s being taken away still he waits
The promise didn’t come but the Giver of promises never failed him
He gasps his last words ‘I know one day my son would show up’
And those where his last words
The man believed the promise until he was taken away
The man never held the promise
But I believe he ‘saw’ the promise
And that’s why he kept saying ‘I Know. . . .’
Oh for the things we know
For the things we know, we need not verify them with our eyes.
‘We know so we believe’
Remember Faith 101
‘We see so we believe’?
That would get you an ‘F’ in the school of the spirit
Oh for the things we know
Even when engulfed by the inevitable sea
We would gasp ‘I know. . .’


I’m really trying to make this all look good
Cause it all don’t look good
And we are broken
We are broken by our weapons of word
Our own very words shot at each other
It’s not really like I’m trying to make you into me
Try to understand
We are friends and we should have our best interest at heart
Me wanting the better you
You wanting the better me
In the end a price tag of ‘mutual improvement’ should be what’s stamped on our friendship
The wise man down 5th and 1st told me the other day that friendship is the ship that transfers friends from an ordinary place to a better place over the seas of time
Over the seas of time
We aren’t there yet; it would be a disaster to part here
Over the seas of time
Do you want this ship to sink? Cause if you do then we go down together
Over the seas of time
We might not see the end of this but I’m sure there’s a safe landing
Over the seas of time
The waves would come crashing
But remember we built ours on a firm foundation
Over the seas of time
We can’t afford to drown in the seas of time; we must come out as survivors who made it through the storms of life
Over the seas of time
It’s hi time we put our minds as one and sail this friendship for a safe port
And guess what our destination is forever
Like Love forever
Remember Love101? Our first lessons
Love is indivisible
Life reactions such as tribulations, death, evil, hardship can’t break love
It’s unbreakable and that’s simply unmistakable
Simply Unmistakably unbreakable indivisible Love
Ours is a seed of that
Over the seas of time
We would grow and not growl
We won’t break
We would sail
We won’t crash
We would last
We would last and land
‘Last and land’ would be our anthem on this ship
Over the seas of time
Remember once more, our destination is forever
And over the seas of time, forever is a long time
It’s time like an endless sea
It’s time that goes on forever
Destination is forever
So get ready for forever

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Who am I?
A flower in Your rain of mercy
Who am I?
I don’t know
Let’s ask you, Maker of me
Maker of who I am
Who am I?
Common clay in the hands of the Potter
Same Potter who gives me the pleasurable privileges to come into the Potter’s house to see what He’s doing with the clay
Common clay and uncommon masterpieces are the synonyms of me
Something beautiful from something not so desirable are the lines of my story
Worthy worthless is the new name
Who I am is not of me
It’s of I AM . . .
Who is I AM
Now that’s better. . . .
When I start from ‘who is I AM’. . .
I land on a middle ground of ‘who I am’. . .
And end on ‘who is I AM’. . .
When I start from ‘who is I AM’, ‘who I am’ unfolds
Who I am is found in who I AM is
Who am I?
Common clay in the Hands of the Potter?
A flower in Your rain of mercy?
My theological musings maybe
The truth is. . . . .
I AM. . . . defines who I am. . . .

NEW :-)

6:17 am

A new day
Another chance to be someone new
To love someone new
To help someone new
To learn something new
To make new friends
To forsake old ‘enemies’
To give new hope
To dream new dreams
To make possible new ‘impossibilities’
A new day to be new
It’s a new day
Everything still seems the same
But no doubt it's a new day!
Don’t wanna miss my new opportunity
Time to get out of bed!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The wind blows
They say it’s a force that’s responsible for that
The sun shines
They say it’s some stuff called solar energy responsible for that
The rain falls
It’s justified by some concept called gravity
Time moves on
They say it’s the earth rotating
Seasons change
They say it’s the earth revolving
Scientifically correct!
Yes they are!
It is what they say not what I think
What forces the force that is responsible for the wind that blows?
What energizes the energy needed for the sun?
What gravitates gravity?
What rotates and revolves the earth?
Or rather who
The power of the world
The one who started it all
No need to look further
The answer answered your questions a long time ago
They are correct
Yes they are
They just didn’t look beyond their facts
Their facts pointed to something greater
The truth
The power of the world
The maker of all things
The everything in which everthing of everything is
He is God
You need no look further
Keep looking further
Keep going in your self-made circle
You need no look further
He is the Answer to your every question
And guess what!
He is Scientifically Correct!
That’s why you need no look further.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Beautiful girl with an ugly start
She doesn’t know she is beautiful
Life has told her otherwise
‘You are beautiful’ I told her
She said I have failed in my attempt to psyche
She said I was only saying words to get what I wanted
I told her she was wrong
In fact the story does not always travel that road
It sometimes takes the unfamiliar route of ‘some have food but cannot eat and some can eat but have no food’
Haven’t you heard the popular true saying that
The ‘marry able’ are not in search of whom to marry
But the ‘un marry able’ are searching to and fro like wild lions whom to marry
Why the hustle, lets rest a while from the ‘relationship crap’
‘Every guy who turns up at my door wants to go out with me’
‘Every guy who turns up at my door wants the popular ‘It’’
Duh. . . .
It’s not even about me
It’s about you
So let’s stay here for a while
Beautiful girl, who has deceived you
Who has reduced your beauty to the front covers of cosmopolitan magazine?
You are more than that!
Don’t you know?
Don’t feel down ridden
Cause now is not the time
This is your now to embrace the real you
You are not alone
‘Beautiful’ girl with an ugly heart
‘Ugly’ girl with a beautiful heart
You were both judged wrong by the world
The latter was beautiful
The former was ugly
The latter was judged by her scars
What the eye could see; what a pity for shortsightedness
The former was judged by her swags
Again! What the eyes could see
What happened to what the eyes are blind to see?
‘Beautiful’ girl with an ugly heart
‘Ugly’ girl with a beautiful heart
They are both beautiful
But on one condition
If the seen could embrace the unseen
And the unseen embrace the ‘seen’
The seen is temporal
The unseen is forever
Forever sounds like Cinderella
Happily ever after
Beautiful girl embrace a beautiful heart
Beautiful heart embrace the ‘beautiful you’
Then we are good to go
In the first place ‘ugly’ was not meant to be in our world of words
Whoever said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder never completed it
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
So also is ‘ugliness’
Next time they say you are ‘ugly’
Tell them they are blind
Not that they have an eye disease
But because they failed to see your heart
The ‘real you’
Next time I say you are beautiful
Tell me “thank you, you see well”
Cause I have not failed to see the ‘real you’
The beauty I see everyday
Beautiful girl with a beautiful heart
No ‘uglies’ in our world
Only beautiful ‘uglies’!

Friday, October 9, 2009


A painter in front of a canvas. . .
Painting away a grand scenery
A train on a track. . .
Gaining momentum every second
A seed covered up in dirt. . .
Dead but blossoming into a beautiful flower
A symphony of chaos. . .
Rearranged and played by the best orchestra
A beautiful tune. . .
Played on by an instrument of choice
A writer. . .
Crafting the words of a bestseller
A storm. . .
Brewing in the middle of the ocean
A spot being lighted up to be a spot light
A work in progress
That’s who I am
Take me just as I am
Love me just as I am
Follow me through the process
The process is in progress
The process is progress
As the process progresses
Progress is being processed
Don’t hate: Congratulate
Don’t criticize: Give me time
In time, I’ll be prime
In the time being, if you wanna see inside of me
All you have to do is ask!
In the time being, just wait for me. . .
The painter is still painting
Wait for the grand picture. . .
Train still on track
Wait for the final destination . . .
Flower still blooming
Wait for the beauty yet unseen. . .
Orchestra still playing
Wait for the Crescendo. . .
Melody still forming
Wait for the full song. . .
Writer still putting words on paper
Wait for the bestseller. . .
Storm rising
Wait till I take you by storm
Tread carefully!
A work is in progress!


And you were right
There was no existence after here
Life seemed to cease the moment we stepped pass the boundaries
The love story was just a fairytale
There was nothing to live for beyond here and now
And you were right
The holy one was just an imagination in the hearts of those who believed him
His son was just another nice guy who walked the earth brimming with emotions of peace and love
Ready to give some to those who hurt and thirst
And you were right
Boom! It banged so big and the world began
A force yet to be researched started it all
And you were right
We evolved to evolve
To think free
“If it feels right then get on it”
That was meant to be our world anthem
And we as social beings were to dance to that rhythm with our everyday actions and life
And you were right
And you were right?
And you were wrong
We stepped beyond and there was much more
Existence did not stop to exist
The love story was not a fairytale after all
It was to woo us to our genuine lover
And you were wrong
The unseen- the spiritual was not just a part of life
It was itself life determining the things seen!
And you were wrong
He was not just another nice guy
He was who he claimed to be and more
And you were wrong
We were made
Made for so much more
And you were wrong
We were just like tourists ‘stucked’ in the airport of our beautiful city
Looking and ‘hanging on’ to what we have seen at the lobby
Rejecting every hint that something more beautiful and magnificent laid ahead
And you were wrong
Nothing banged so big after all
The fundamental fact of existence was the Word powered by faith
And you were wrong
The pleasures were not worth dying for after all, they were just pointing to a greater pleasure
And you were wrong
There wasn’t just here and now but ever after existed
And you were wrong
You were wrong about being right
You were right
You were wrong
Then you were right
Now you were wrong
So true that facts cannot deface the Truth
It’s only a matter of time
Time would tell but don’t let time tell
Right your wrongs
Wrong your rights
And you were right?
You might have nothing to lose
And still nothing to gain
And you were wrong?
You would have something to lose
And definitely nothing to gain
And you were right
And you were wrong
Time would tell
Don’t let time tell
Right your wrongs
Then you would be right against all wrongs.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Everything good would come
It just takes time
Everything good might come
It just takes hope
Everything good has come
It just takes faith
Time, hope and faith
Can YOU wait for it?
Cause if YOU can’t YOU aint ready for it
Can YOU expect it?
Cause if YOU cant it wouldn’t make any difference when it arrives
Can YOU imagine it?
Cause if YOU cant YOU wouldn’t know it when it comes
Be rest assured
Every good thing would come
It just takes YOU


It’s 18:22 (GMT +1) and my music library is on random play. This song titled ‘What Do I Know of Holy’ by Addison road streams into the air from my sound system. After a day of lots of event, some pleasant some not, I’m here listening to a song questioning my heart about what do I know about the fundamental Being of my existence. I’m lost for words because the truth is what really do I know of a great God I can’t and would never be able to comprehend his greatness.
Question: what do I know of Holy?
Action: I’m really thinking . . . .
Conclusion: nothing
Most of us do really think we know God but the truth is the moment we think we’ve had him figured out proves that we don’t even have an idea of who our God is. A scripture comes to mind. It talks about the people of God after failing to honor God in their futility reducing the same God to images or ideas they have come to know over time .(Rom 1:23)

Here is the point; sometimes we call God our father. Yes he is. But that does not mean we have all his duties as father figured out just like our earthly father. He is more than that. He is the ideal Father we don’t know and we have never imagined (Eph 3:20).
What would happen to us if we only grasped a fragment of who God is?
I ask again what would happen.
We would live in the awe of that knowledge of him
The knowledge of the Holy One
Sin would not be an excuse
We would daily long (in fact every second) for that place he has gone to prepare for us in Heaven.
His passion would be ours.
And then we would always say to our self this is just the beginning. The beginning of the revelation of the knowledge of the Holy one.
‘I know nothing’ you would hear yourself whisper
‘I am nothing’ you would say from time to time.
‘You are everything’ we would whisper to him all along.
He is Everything.
The Everything we know nothing of.
The Everything we are nothing compared to
The Everything I ask myself right now what do I know something of.
I leave you with the lyrics to this great song courtesy


I’ve made you promises a thousand times
I’ve tried to hear from heaven but I talk the whole time
I think I made you too small, I’ve never feared you at all
If you touched my face would I know you?
Looked into my eyes could I behold you?
What do I know of you who spoke me into motion
Where have I even stood but the shore along your ocean?
Are you fire, are you fury
Are you sacred, are you beautiful
What do I know? What do I know of holy?
I guess I thought that I had you figured out
I knew all the stories and I learned to talk about
How you were mighty to save
But those were only empty words on a page
Then I caught a glimpse of who you might be
The slightest hint of you brought me down to my knees
What do I know of you who spoke me into motion
Where have I even stood but the shore along your ocean?
Are you fire, are you fury
Are you sacred, are you beautiful
What do I know? What do I know of holy?
What do I know of Holy?
What do I know of wounds that will heal my shame?
And a God who gave life its name
What do I know of Holy?
Of the One who the angels praise
All creation knows your name
On earth and heaven above
What do I know of this love?
What do I know of you who spoke me into motion
Where have I even stood but the shore along your ocean?
Are you fire, are you fury
Are you sacred, are you beautiful
oh what do i know
what do i know of Holy

You could also listen to this great song at the link below
Till next time. . . . . .Remember He is Everything

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I wouldn’t say it’s easy to realize your mistakes, turn from them, pick up your pieces and start over again. I wouldn’t say that. That would be inhumane of me. Sometimes it could be hard from the human point of view to embrace change. It could be painful to re-orientate yourself about your long held perspective about God, Life and even yourself. But the truth is......
In the first place the truth could even be painful. Simply said, Truth hurts. The truth hurts like a healing balm applied over an old rotten wound. The healing balm is not meant or made to inflict pain on you but sorry it’s meeting an open wound. The healing balm hurts when applied to the open wound but its aim isn’t to hurt you though it’s hurting you. In hurting you it would heal you and make your flesh whole. That’s what it came to do all along. But why the pain you ask. Now listen to this. In order for us to enjoy pure lasting and genuine pleasure we have to endure the pain of change. No pain no gain.
Let’s stay here I hear you say. But we can’t stay here.
Wide open spaces await us
The life we always dreamt of in our innocence awaits us
A promise of pure, lasting, uncontaminated pleasure awaits us
We can’t stay in the past
We have to deal with it
We have to let the past pass
We have to kiss it goodbye
Then we embrace the free gift of the present
The gift given to us all life long
The unwrapped present
It’s time to remove the wrapping paper from the present and enjoy the present now
Past sins, addictions and habits
Let them find their positions in the past
Again I say
It’s time to remove the wrapping paper from the present longing with pleasure of an unknown gift
Pure pleasure
Cause we might not know what the present might have in store for the future
But we can be rest assured it’s good
Embrace the pain
Let the healing balm heal your wounds
Let go of the past
Start unwrapping your present
And wait. . . .
As a child waits eagerly for his next Christmas present for the future
Anyways the future is also a present time away from now
The future is bright
The future is light
Light is bright
Now that’s as sure as the dawn
Embrace the pain
The pain is light
Embrace the light!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


You are not alone
I have been there
Not all places though
But at least someone has been there
I have been there
Locked up in a ‘bad position’
Couldn’t go forward and backward was no option
Choose whatever
Bad position does it better
I have been there
Hindered by walls established by others but built up by you
I have been there
Dark places
No life
The very air you try to breath is wrung out
Hopelessness – a nest less of hope
I have been there but didn’t stay there
Hush now little baby
I know it may hurt a little to lift up your eyes and see the light
Two options
1. Continue to live in this bad position
Status quo continuum
A deeper level of the state you are in now
Remember nothing stays the same
It’s still change but no change

2. Lift up your eyes and see the light

Beyond this hopelessness there is hope
Yeah she left you at the dump
But you are precious still
He marred you
You are still a royal
They shattered you
You can still be whole
You don’t have to become their predictions
Mini devil causing more havoc
They didn’t make that
You chose to let them make you that
But still you are only human
Yesterday is gone with its mistakes
You are only human
The past is past
You are only human
And that’s why 2 is a better option
Embrace forgiveness
Forgive yourself
Make peace with you
When that is done, no need for a thousand ‘sorrys’
You are only human
No mini devil
You are an ‘angel’ in disguise
Broken saint? Yeah!
That’s better
Embrace the light
Embrace the future
The future is light
And if you are too wounded to lift up your eyes
I’m here to help
Take my hand
We would walk through your valleys together
We would walk through the dark places
Into the light
Anyways two are better than one
Remember I’m here for you
But remember still
I am not the healer
But could be used by the Healer
Hands are waiting baby.
Let’s walk into the Light.

P.S- Writing this (the above) was so hard. I tried a lot of times to be coherent but I guess I didn’t succeed. I wasn’t expecting it either cause the above piece is a web of real life and real people. Life aint ‘coherent’. In my short life, I’ve come to know that sometimes reality seems not to make sense. Hey stop there! Don’t start arguing that now. Keep your theology and philosophy for a while. Real life is real, it’s no Hollywood blockbuster.

I actually planned writing this for a friend of mine who has been hurt and shattered by ‘the way of the world’(permit my choice of language) but my best laid plans got robbed when the different stories of real people I have come in contact with over the last few years (some I have had the privilege of ‘walking some dark valleys’ with) came coursing through my mind. Stories of hurt, rejection, abandonment, molestation, abuse. I would spare you extras. Lets stop there.
The thing is, we could be ‘plastic’ sometimes, Living like the world is a perfect world is and nobody hurts and like we ourselves we don’t hurt, only concerned about our own problems and cares. But I tell you that’s a wrong way to LIVE life.
Let’s be real. Your problem isn’t the worst! There are worse cases. We have to wake up and realize daily that people are hurting around us and not just bother only about vacation with family, replacing your blackberry battery, next clothes to get, next visit to the cinema, or even getting food on your table! We should be a hand and a voice of hope to someone hurting and in need, even in need of a friend.
And if you are hurting or broken, the truth is that place is no good for you. You can’t stay there. It’s about you. No one is holding you back. You hold yourself back! We are all dealt our lumps of coals, what you do with it tag it beautiful or ugly. When you are hit again by your next lemon, make lemonade from it and enjoy it. Get out of that place that is restraining your love and live life!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Love Letters#3 : LOVE & WAR

You seem so far but still you are near
I have made my advances
I have told you how much I cherish you as a friend
But still we have to battle with the strife
What exactly would I do to make you love me
Tell me
I would do that exactly
But still you won’t
And yet we battle with strife
Mama always told me strife aint good
It would get in the way of unity
No unity, no success
Yet we battle still with strife
God also told me strife no good
It would get in the way of the anointing
No anointing, no power
The power we need to rock this world together
But still we battle with strife
No we battle with love
We battle with love cause in the end love always prevails
Yes I know love always prevail
But the one thing I don’t understand on your ground is . . .
Just one thing
One question rather
Why does this love always feels like a battlefield?
“Question” I can hear you say
Yes. Question for you to answer
Love and war
They only go together in our world
Our world at war
But still I thought the philosophers said something like. . .
When there is love, war ceases
Here we are. We broke the rules
Or did we?
We are at war but I hear me say its love
At the last parade we had
I heard you say “better go get your rival”
I was late to respond before you stormed out
Or who stormed out?
Me or you? Can’t even remember
I was late to respond that YOU are my RIVAL
Love and war
I would choose war not to gun you down with harsh words
Nah . . . no way
I would choose war to break your walls
I would choose war to fight your battles for you
In the first place isn’t that what it means to love?
Bearing each other’s burden
I would choose war so I can have a chance to lay down my life
For who?
For you of course
Greater love has no man that he lay down his life
I would choose war because our true love is greatly opposed by forces unseen
Like I said, I would choose war to break your walls
Break your walls so we can stand together as one
Stand together to fight the resistance
Then we will be together at war.
Love and war
Get your guns ready
But not pointed at me this time
We have chosen love
No. its war
No. Its love
No. Its love and war
No war no love.
Love War?
Get your guns ready
Let’s war my love.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Love Letters #2

“I did everything right. . . I was so selfless in our relationship but still she left” Tade reported to me in rage.

Have you ever been in a relationship (romantic or not) where you thought you gave so much to it and received little or nothing?

Have you ever been in a friendship where you were treated like trash while you treated the other party like a treasure yet to be found?

Have you ever given love and yet your love was trampled upon?

Have you ever offered a word of encouragement and it was thrown right back at your face? The actions delivered to you said something like ‘shut up, it’s none of your business, mind your business’.

Have you ever been in any of these situations? Situations where your love felt strangled and you felt you were done with giving love.

It was in one of situations like these my friend found himself in. he did all ‘the right things’ in his capability that he could over time. He sowed sincere seeds of love in his relationship but still got the hate he thought he didn’t deserve.

We should always have a stable, good and strong reason for doing the things we do.

Why do we love?

Is it to get the approval of the other party?

Is it to get something (maybe acceptance, affirmation) from the other party?

Is it to get rid of loneliness?

If it’s any of the above reasons, then we have an expectation that in most cases might not be met.

Love is good.

It should be sacrificial and selfless. Yes. For these reasons that love is good and it’s sacrificial, should help us modify our reasons of loving.

No one offers a sacrifice and expects to get it back. In fact, in the days of old, sacrifices were actually burnt!

In loving, we should see it as an opportunity to serve the other person. A sacrifice on our part, a service to the other party, not done for the rewards of it.

Indeed the reward would still come. Whatever one sows, one reaps. That’s just the truth.

Love is a seed that can be sown. Yes I agree, you might have given so much to that relationship (materially, emotionally and even financially).

You might have gone an extra mile on things and issues.

You might have even been so selfless (just like Tade) in your relationship.

One thing noted, you have sown love.

Trust in God and expect your reward. Funny enough, it might be right in front of you but haven’t been looking in that direction. Your reward of love would find you only if you in time lift up your head from the depression and prostration in which your circumstances have kept u and rise to a new dawn beckoning at you

A door shut does not mean the end of the road it only means ‘move on’.

Be wise from the mistakes you have made in the past relationships, but I tell you never to regret you showed sacrificial love.

Be happy you did. Remember you have sown love and also remember that everyone who might ‘broken your heart’ was a northern star pointing to the one who loves you eternally, God who came to die as man for you and me.

Let him take those hurt and broken relationships [romantic or not] .Turn it to him to do what he wants to do with it.

Let him bless the broken roads.

And that’s why your reward is sure.

That’s why you are sure of a happy ending not that it’s a CINDERELLA THING.

In fact the slippers may not fit so well, but this is your own real life fairy tale.

It’s real!

Don’t hide from it.

Expect a happy ending!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Love Letters #1 [I Want to Say I Love You]

Image by PeaceandLove
I want to say I love you
I can’t
I want to say I love you
I won’t
It’s a strong statement
A friend once said unknowingly that it could destroy
Another said knowingly that it has the ability to build
Right now I’m torn
My mind keeps ringing
‘I love her’
‘I love her not’
I want to say I love you but why am I held betwixt decisions
Why am I at crossroads?
But I thought it’s the right thing to say
The right thing to say when boy meets girl
Boy says ‘hello’ to girl
Girl says ‘hi’ to boy
Boy buys girl some things
And girl says yes to boy
Hmm . . . .
I really want to
But . . . I heard someone whisper behind me last Sunday in church that Love is patient, it is self controlled. . .
I heard an impatient listener whisper back “hush it’s not that kind of love Apostle Paul refers to in the letter to the Corinthians. The love between a man and a woman is so different . . . .
I wanted to hastily add my own comments and concerns, and then I remembered ‘husbands love your wives as Christ loves the church’
Still I do want to say I love you
As Christ loves the church
Can I give up my status and position (that’s if I have one) for you?
As Christ loves the church
Can I indeed lay down my life for you?
As Christ loves the church
Can I give up my body to be nailed to a cross for you? . . . aargh that’s extreme and out of the way. I heard the death on the cross was the most excruciating and painful death then. Let me make it more modern. So I paraphrase.
As Christ loves the church
Can I give up my body to the electric chair for you?
As Christ loves the church
Can I endure the fires of hell for you?
As Christ loves the church
Can I endure persecution and false accusation for your sake?
As Christ loves the church
Can I take whips embedded with blade for you?
As Christ loves the church
Would I take you back if I found out you were cheating on me?
As Christ loves the church
Would I take you back if I found you in the most degrading immoral act?
As Christ loves the church
Would I endure your weakness?
As Christ loves the church
Would I take the pain to pick you up each time you fall?
As Christ loves the church
Would I wait for you?
As Christ loves the church
Would I love you as Christ love the church
I want to say I love you
But still, I’m torn!
It’s a sacred statement
It’s no ordinary statement
It has the power to build
It has the power to destroy
Words of the mouth
I want to say I love you
But still, I’m at CROSSROADS
And I know why I’m at crossroads
Because true love is at the foot of the cross
But I choose the right path
The path which leads me down CROSSROADS
The road to the cross
I wait because here, love is patient
I wait to say I love you
I would wait till my single lady has THE RING on her middle finger
But for now, I rather not say I love you
I rather show you I love you
As Christ loves the church

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Perceptions #1

What do you do with a bad day?
Throw it away?
Forget about it?
Laugh about it?
Call a pity party?
Throw a party to help you end it by tagging it a ' good ' day?
Really what do you do with a bad day?
Truth be told bad days are next to unavoidable
Sometimes they come due to our negligence in preparing for the day ahead.
They could also be as a result of a chain of events that may have been kicked off in the past by us or others.
They might be as a result of circumstances beyond our control.
Whichever way our way our bad day comes about, it usually leaves us with a question on our mind which is 'why really is this happening'
You have the answer already!
It's happening so you wouldn't have such a day again
It's happening so you can learn
It's happening so you can become a little wiser
A litter smarter
A little braver for the times ahead
The truth is a bad day is a good day in disguise
It good in the sense that it's a trainer.
We could look at it as a day to train us for the challenges ahead
Two painters where once asked to depict peace or calmness in a painting.
One painted a house in a garden. Green grass, serene environment.
The other painted a lake looking still and unperturbed in the midst of a storm evading the forest in which the lake was situated.
Which of them do you think depicted peace most with his painting.
I tell you, it's the later.
Even in the storm the lake could still retain it's calmness.
What really I'm I trying to say.
If everyday was an easy day, how would we show the world what we are made of.
How would we show the world a serenity that passes all understanding, the kind depicted by the second painter.
Even a bad day can work out for our good!
Yes it can.
Let's make everyday count good or bad.
Let's choose to say' hey,it's a good day' even if things ain't going our way.
Remember a 'bad day' is a good day in disguise.
It depends on how we see it.
Our perception.

-- Post From My iPhone

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Gratitude

'thanks' I say
'thanks' again I say
Not to flatter you but appreciate your unappreciable deed
It's beyond words
In finding words in my heart to express,
I am left mute
Not that I am not thankful
But on the contrary, I can't find the words to qualify all you've done
Adjectives would sound ineffective
Statements would be no statement at all
I stand still
The 'thank you's rushing out from every pore of my skin
My lips vibrate gratefulness
I am thankful
What more can I say
I am thankful
Words can't express
I am thankful
My actions cannot do it all
I am thankful
My heart sings
It sing a tune of gratitude
A gratitude words can't express
A gratitude so profound
My inexpressible gratitude to you
You deserve it all

-- Post From My iPhone

Friday, May 29, 2009

The strongest link

The word ' love' has a way of getting to me anytime it's mentioned.
It get to me for certain reasons
1. It's sacred but little is know of it's sacredness
2. It's deep still next to nothing is know of it's depth
3. The third ...
Love is a word best defined in it's act.
I have noticed that in living our everyday life with fufillment, we need to show love
In showing love, we live love, in living love, we give love.
In giving love, we change our world.
The ripple effect is as a result of the power of love.
Love has power.
Infact it is power.
Then I begin to wonder of the power that emanates from acts of love.
Love has a way of creating an abode of peace in the heat of the battle.
It is what makes the battle line become a spot for the enemy to raise the white flag of peace
It's the irony of it all that amazes me and leaves me with not much to say about love
Though it is patient, it has a way of paving the path.
Though it is longsuffering, it has a way of overcoming the dark forces that fight wars we can't see
Though it believes all things, it has a power to discern the truth
Though it is meek and kind, it stands in the face of opposition
It might be termed as the weakest link, in the end it emerges as the STRONGEST
From my point of view, I know next to nothing about love.
Still I believe one thing
And that is, it has the power to turn any situation around
Not exactly around (360),
but around for good.

-- Post From My iPhone

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hope for Today 4

The past always has a way of getting in our way to the future. Our wonderful,yet to be seen future. But we all have to make up our minds that we would not let our past get in the way. The thing is. . . The past is in the past and is past. Wait a sec, that not just a cliché it's the TRUTH. The plain TRUTH. We should live with a knowing that our past is not us. It only happened to us to prepare us for the future whether good or bad. If we fail to see it this way, we will be robbed of our joy of living, or on the contrary we will relent in our past achievement and glory. True word, the consequences of our past actions might show up on the doorstep our present lives. We should see this as an avenue to learn. Lo and behold, knowledge is power. We should see it as an opportunity to gain strenght, an avenue to be stronger. Last words; the past is past, learn from the mistakes made.
Today is for you to enjoy,enjoy it. Show someone love, forgive someone( I tell you it makes you lighter), give, and choose to never give up.
The future is a package that would surprise you with joy.
Live for today expecting the joy of tomorrow.
Muaaawwwh. . . . U R LUVED

-- Post From My iPhone

Saturday, May 23, 2009

In The Passenger's Seat

I'm in a vehicle travelling in the middle of nowhere to a place I don't know
My fustration and confusion I can't contain.
Time after time I cry out 'where on earth are we headed'
Expecting my anxiety and fustration to get at the one in the driver's seat, he looks and smiles back at me.
I really I'm appalled by the surety in the smile.
The smile communicates his heart to me.
'you are safe' I hear him say through the smile.
'Your destination of rest is assured' I hear in the stillness.
Something in me pauses for a second.
He is the driver, the captain of our little 'ship'.
I have trusted him by steping into this vehicle.
My duty as a passenger is to sit still, acknowledge him as the Driver and keep trusting him till the ride is over.
I seat back.
My heart beats
A double take.
I make a conclusion:
Where We are going I don't know for sure.
Where we are headed I can't clearly visualize
And I make a decision:
The One who I am with (the One in the driver's seat),knows and I will trust him till the perfect end of this journey.

-- Post From My iPhone

Friday, May 22, 2009


Life is short
Don't waste it
Life is precious
Cherish it
Life is a gift
Cherish it
Life is a hobby
Enjoy it
Life is sacred
Learn to number your days
Life is a trust
Leave a legacy

-- Post From My iPhone

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hope for Today 3

We must be certain about life's uncertainties
That one day that all that seems hazy would become clear

A lesson in patience.

The answer came the next day. I had almost given up on hope. Did I say almost? To be fair 'already' was a more appropriate word. It just that there's always this weak strenght to try again. I was not actually trying again but my answers came as clear as words in black and write. I have my answer! And also I have a few new lessons learnt that would come handy for the rest of my life. A lesson on how to wait for my answers, not just wait but waiting patiently. But the thing is, right now I am peeping into the future wondering what next. What's the next the lesson on my unpredictable syllabus. Really I want to know! I can't wait to know. I want the answers quick! BUT I THOUGHT I JUST HAD A LESSON IN PATIENCE! ! !

Hope for Today 2

Hope places us in better hands and reminds us that there Is something beyond the present situations we can see now.
It tells us that we are stronger than our weakness.
It is the seed of optimism.
Become a prisoner of hope today! ! !

Lemons for Lemonade

"When the pawn hits the conflicts he thinks like a king. What he knows throws the blows when he goes to the fight and he'll win the whole thing 'fore he enters the ring. There's nobody to batter when your mind is your might so when you go solo you hold your own hand and remember that depth is the greatest of heights and if you fall it won't matter, cuz you know that you're right"
Welcome the once longest album tittle by artist Fiona Apple. This words was a poem she wrote after reading a negative review of one of her albums.
Lesson learnt: How do we handle rejection and criticism? Do we see it as a stone thrown to help us fill in the gap to take a step forward in life or do we see it a stone thrown to mar us?
Conclusion made: when life throws us lemon, let's make lemonade out of it. That's why the bigger the better!

Lemons for Lemonade

"When the pawn hits the conflicts he thinks like a king. What he knows throws the blows when he goes to the fight and he'll win the whole thing 'fore he enters the ring. There's nobody to batter when your mind is your might so when you go solo you hold your own hand and remember that depth is the greatest of heights and if you fall it won't matter, cuz you know that you're right"
Welcome the once longest album tittle by artist Fiona Apple. This words was a poem she wrote after reading a negative review of one of her albums.
Lesson learnt: How do we handle rejection and criticism? Do we see it as a stone thrown to help us fill in the gap to take a step forward in life or do we see it a stone thrown to mar us?
Conclusion made: when life throws us lemon, let's make lemonade out of it. That's why the bigger the better!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hope for Today 1

Everything is okay in the end.if it's not okay it's not the end. Expect a happy ending , cause in the end it doesn't really matter what you've been through. Indeed your happy ending is a second lesser away. Expect it!


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