Monday, March 25, 2013

iRecommend: Freedom Steps by Amber Hunter [+Free Download]

if You Like: Regina Spektor, Adele, Feist, Sara Groves, Florence + The Machine, and Jewel

I stumbled on Amber Hunter's music on one of my web sprees and I just couldn't resist sharing it. Amber tells us talking about the record 

"These songs are my journal entries.

They're my tears and prayers.
They’re the joyful moments when I feel completely alive!

They're my haunting questions and my search for truth.
These songs are my deepest longings and my heart spilled out.

I hope my story will intersect with yours in a meaningful way to bring courage and freedom."

I have listened to this record and what trips me about it most is the music. Amber is powerfully poetic and uniquely melodic not leaving the essential of singing straight from the heart. From Amber's note lyrically, you might first think these would be mumbo jumbo about how hard and painful life is but you would find a sweet artistic truth driven lyric base.

To download click here

The best part is such a quality album is free at full length. What are you waiting for? Thank me later [But yes I would love to get feedback if you enjoyed the record] :)


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