Thursday, October 28, 2010


In the pouring rain and turbulent storm

I hear a word above the rushing torrents

In the turbulent storm coming strong

I hear you above the raging noise

Maybe the surprise is that

When I expected you to be far away

You are so close

Stilling my heart

Telling me over and over again

I will take care of you

I will carry you

I have a plan for you

To be honest

It stills my heart

It gives me indescribable peace

It echoes longer beyond the silence of friends

Just keep me close

Hold me

I believe in you

It’s me I don’t even trust

Help me be found in your love over and over again

Help me trust you

Even in this not so pleasant time

Even with this tears falling

I still hear your voice

It says the same words on a stronger note

Be strong my child

Cause I will take care of you


It brings back sweet memories

You want to raise your hands and make some moves

Dance and sing-along

Its happy music

A nostalgia of good times

A soothing balm for the bad times

You smile as the tune fills the air

It’s not you

It’s the music

It’s happy

And it makes you happy


When prayers bounce back off the ceiling

When words fail

When the quiet time is too quiet beyond words

When the uncertainty of a certain God astounds you




Believe again

Rest – rest on his love

Know – know that he is God

Believe – believe he is not man that he should lie that he has a plan for your life

Believe again – believe again even when it seems to happen all over again and prayers bounce back off ceiling still

And remember, even when words fail, he never fails


It’s too late to dream again

It’s too late to start a new life

It’s too late to pick up the pieces and build again

If I try what’s the use

If I don’t try, what’s the use

To dream again

To start a new life

To put the pieces together and build

I would try

Cause if I don’t try, it of no use

I would try

Cause it’s never too late to start anew


Beyond the horizon

A glimpse of what is to come

Rainy days


Sunny mornings

Not too sure

But you assure me

Something beautiful lies beyond the horizon

You quench my anxiety

You quiet my fear

In my heart, you tell a million times

Beyond the horizon lies a beauty never beheld

Beyond the horizon

A glimpse of a future never seen

I can’t see beyond this horizon

It’s my limitation

My weakness maybe

To be human

I can’t see what’s beyond

Beyond the horizon

Lies a future

I don’t know the future

Never seen it

You are the maker of time and future

You exist somewhere in between time and timelessness

Time in no time

In time and out of time

You see what I can’t see

You reassure me something beautiful lies beyond

Beyond the horizon

Something I can’t see

Beyond the horizon

Something to believe

So who am I not to believe?


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