Thursday, October 28, 2010


Been listening to the same songs on my Blackberry

Same songs I see on music television

Something in me waits for the newer version from favorite artistes

I even go on the internet to get them right on time

But the more I get, the more I want

Something is missing

In the new songs, I only see the same songs played on new machines

The void seems to get wider

Throwing in more makes the deep cry out from the deepest part of me

For an empty heart latest pop tunes wouldn’t just fill

For an aching soul the ‘new’ rap songs wouldn’t soothe

I would search for something above the music

Or rather above the noise

And that above the music becoming a noise

I might find something to fill this void


writing this was quite hilarious. I was at some place outdoor and had this guy sitting some distance away from me with his blackberry headphones (thanks to the BB logo, that’s how I knew). He was nodding to something (RnB I guess) and moving his lips to some lyrics. He seemed to be having a feel good cool time. Then I decided to write from an outward perspective, trying to figure what might be going through his head. I started from him and funny enough I ended up in me.

So sad how we try to fill the void that can only be filled with an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ with various stuffs, ranging from our ‘unhealthy’ heart desires and even ‘religious’ duties.

Back to where we started, music is a beautiful gift which unwraps itself even in more breath taking forms. It could take away stress, change our mood, even give you a new way of looking at life but when we try to fill up what music can’t fill with music then we just took up a task of filling baskets with water.

I started out writing about this said young man with headphones on but I found out I was looking at me in so many ways. If we only take time to look carefully, we would find out that our differences was only light in different shades.

The heart of this very matter is a matter of our very own hearts. There’s a void deep within all of us, a God-shaped hole stuffs cannot fill. And seriously even the latest pop songs won’t fill. Only God can fill. In the first place, it’s God-shaped anyway. . . . .

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