Saturday, December 5, 2009


I walk
You help me
I speak
You help me
I sing
You help me
I think
You help me
My strength when I walk
My words when I speak
My song when I sing
My thoughts when I think
Then I realize
You have been my strength all the way long
We’ve come a long way
But You’ve long way been with me
I’ve really not been my own
Seriously, I’ve been carried by you all my life
I have nothing
I can do nothing
When I try
I do nothing
I run circles on my own
I run back to that spot I left You
If I can
I have nothing
All belongs to you
All is done by You
We are just instruments
You are all
You are everything
The path who has ordained my path
My mistakes is no mistake at all
Not that you approve of my wrongs
You wrong my wrongs
And right me in Your Righteousness
Then I see you’ve been everything
The stars that shines at night even to my righteousness
Everything I was not
Everything I am not
Everything of my nothing

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