Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Love Letters#3 : LOVE & WAR

You seem so far but still you are near
I have made my advances
I have told you how much I cherish you as a friend
But still we have to battle with the strife
What exactly would I do to make you love me
Tell me
I would do that exactly
But still you won’t
And yet we battle with strife
Mama always told me strife aint good
It would get in the way of unity
No unity, no success
Yet we battle still with strife
God also told me strife no good
It would get in the way of the anointing
No anointing, no power
The power we need to rock this world together
But still we battle with strife
No we battle with love
We battle with love cause in the end love always prevails
Yes I know love always prevail
But the one thing I don’t understand on your ground is . . .
Just one thing
One question rather
Why does this love always feels like a battlefield?
“Question” I can hear you say
Yes. Question for you to answer
Love and war
They only go together in our world
Our world at war
But still I thought the philosophers said something like. . .
When there is love, war ceases
Here we are. We broke the rules
Or did we?
We are at war but I hear me say its love
At the last parade we had
I heard you say “better go get your rival”
I was late to respond before you stormed out
Or who stormed out?
Me or you? Can’t even remember
I was late to respond that YOU are my RIVAL
Love and war
I would choose war not to gun you down with harsh words
Nah . . . no way
I would choose war to break your walls
I would choose war to fight your battles for you
In the first place isn’t that what it means to love?
Bearing each other’s burden
I would choose war so I can have a chance to lay down my life
For who?
For you of course
Greater love has no man that he lay down his life
I would choose war because our true love is greatly opposed by forces unseen
Like I said, I would choose war to break your walls
Break your walls so we can stand together as one
Stand together to fight the resistance
Then we will be together at war.
Love and war
Get your guns ready
But not pointed at me this time
We have chosen love
No. its war
No. Its love
No. Its love and war
No war no love.
Love War?
Get your guns ready
Let’s war my love.


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