Saturday, December 5, 2009


I walk
You help me
I speak
You help me
I sing
You help me
I think
You help me
My strength when I walk
My words when I speak
My song when I sing
My thoughts when I think
Then I realize
You have been my strength all the way long
We’ve come a long way
But You’ve long way been with me
I’ve really not been my own
Seriously, I’ve been carried by you all my life
I have nothing
I can do nothing
When I try
I do nothing
I run circles on my own
I run back to that spot I left You
If I can
I have nothing
All belongs to you
All is done by You
We are just instruments
You are all
You are everything
The path who has ordained my path
My mistakes is no mistake at all
Not that you approve of my wrongs
You wrong my wrongs
And right me in Your Righteousness
Then I see you’ve been everything
The stars that shines at night even to my righteousness
Everything I was not
Everything I am not
Everything of my nothing


Figuring out the puzzle
The puzzle’s got me puzzled
It all seems bigger than me
When I try to figure it out
I figure out my confusion
It gets me so tensed up
And makes me realize the smallness and limitation of my mind
The human mind
My Realization: It seems impossible to figure out this puzzle
It wasn’t made by me anyway
The one who made it got it figured out
And it seems like the maker of the puzzle made this for enjoyment
Not for the occurrence of confusion!
My Resolve: The puzzle is life
I would stop trying to figure it out
Rather I would seek the one who’s got it figured out
There goes my confusion out of the door!
Then with the One who’s got it figured out
Enjoyment of this amazing puzzle all the way


If I was an umbrella during rainy days
Remember me
If I helped you stand again on shaky grounds
Remember me
If I held you through a hard time
Remember me
If I spoke for you when words failed
Remember me
If I told you how much you were loved
Remember me
If I showed you how much you were loved
Remember me
If I gave you a penny on my way to church
Remember me
If I spoke a word of grace
Remember me
If I made it as simple as ABC
Remember me
If I taught you in Sunday school
Remember me
If I wiped a tear from your eyes
Remember me
If I told you it was all gonna be okay
Remember me
If I shared a plate of food with you
Remember me
If I was there when no one was there
Remember me
If I said a joke that made you laughed so hard
Remember me
If I helped you walk again
Remember me
If I gave you water to quench your thirst
Remember me
If I picked up your stuff for you when it you dropped them
Remember me
If I showed you the light in a dark area
Please do remember me still


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