Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Intertwining.

[Image via Pinterest]

I believe we are not strong alone
I believe we need a community to gain new strength
Like a strand
A broom, not the stick
Life happening into life
The intertwining

The intertwining happens when we choose openness
Cause you could be around and alone
Be living right next to the hospital and still suffering from your pain
The more I live the more I see I'm more like a piece
A jigsaw piece of a puzzle picture
Say mosaic instead of the canvas frame we are made to believe we are individual are
Every paint we splash doesn't just affect our lives but also that of those around us.
Isolation is unnecessary and impossible cause there's a particular hunger community quenches in us.

No thread alone makes a beautiful embroidery
Every pixel makes a better sense in the whole picture.
There are these slides moving all around TV these days
They zoom in and ask you to guess what you are seeing
By the time they zoom out you are most definitely wrong
It's not your fault cause when we zoom in on a pixel in picture instead of a solid view of the whole picture there is definitely bound to be a misconception of the story the whole frame is trying to tell
Don't be misconceived
Don't be mistaken
Wherever you are, find the tribe that breathes in your oxygen and connect
If you look well and are still enough, you would most likely find a hole or void only you can fill.
If you ask the Aba of this tribe of the tribe's history , he will definitely tell you if honest and transparent, might word it differently but he will say "we have been waiting for you. We have prayed for God to bring you"

Sometimes I think that we get to fill a unique void, shaped for us and us alone is what fills a void in us when we collide with community.

Community is important. It's the intertwining that brings all strands un-stranded. You are filling a void, a void is filling you. Leave no empty spaces. 

Go! It's a part of the purpose.  

P.S. - Aba is Hebrew, Arabic and Araimic for 'Father'. It was more beautiful while writing this. Somehow it reminded me of where we came from, the patriarchs, the intertwining, a word that would resound with three cultures, yes the intertwining.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Second Chance.

Image via Pinterest
Sometimes we can start over again
We can begin with 'hippiness' and free love
With big jackets and colorful shoes that makes the world go 'ahhh!'
Cause in that moment nothing matters anymore
You are free and you've been given a second chance at life
You run around in circles on the street
Spend hours watching the birds feed
Stop and take time to breathe in the gift of oxygen you've taken for granted so long

I think something breaks in the human heart when we think 'oh no this is the end' and it turns out to be a beginning
It breaks, irreparable and its beautiful. Left like that, it's beautiful. So beautiful.

Cause you see friend, not all broken things is in need of repair.
The human default should be brokenness so it can be constantly in touch with wholeness
Thirsty, so the water is never taken for granted

Don't be shy, oh don't be shy
If you find yourself yearning for life in a community of rigid people, don't fake!
Be true to yourself.
Be true to the calling.
Be true to that which is drawing you
You are nearer to the place you originated from when you ache for something more
Be true to the fabric your thread has strayed from
Embrace the second chance
Don't be cynical

Cause friend second chances never repeat themselves
After the second chance is a third chance not another second chance
And the second chance comes with a certain type of epiphany, an awakening, a realization to the things that matters most.
It is the chance we have before the numbness starts to set in

And if the second chance is a new beginning and the life we always had never counts anymore, why do we find it so hard to let go of the reputation we use to know?

P.S- 54 days after writing this I read through again I found out I had written this for myself in the first place. But this is for you, for all of us. Cause we all need the thrill of the second chance.

And the picture is titled 'Dive'. What are you waiting for? :)

Honestly sometimes what makes us hold back is that THEY would laugh at our 'colorful shoes'. But is it worth it? And by the way THEY is never defined. Why live your life with THEY as a factor?

Friday, May 10, 2013

iRecommend: The Peace of Wild Things by Paper Route [+Free Album Download]

if You Like: Switchfoot, Depeche mode, Blink 182, Beach House, Nickelback, Sheerwood

Rock has never been dance music. It wasn't made with disco lights in mind but when a band promises to take you through the (e)motions and still deliver upbeat dance-able tunes, you gotta love them.

In just a space of two days, 'Better Life' by Paper Route has landed on my '10 Most Played' Playlist. It's that good. It's got echoes, it's got soul. it's got the perfect instrumentation you want for that house party, it's got the perfect life soundtrack on days you just want your car windows down and the wind blowing right at your face.

Also the art work of this album just tells a story. For a short time, 'The Peace of Wild Things' (Full Version) is free and you can download it here

Another free music for the weekend. Thank me later (I meant in the comments. Lol!). Thank God it's Friday.

Till next time on iRecommend, Have fun :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

iRecommend: Cold Drink On a Hot Drink by Customary [+Free Album Download]

if You Like: Tupac, Kid Cudi, B.O.B, Notorious B.I.G, Whiz Khalifa, Common and John Reuben.

So I stumbled on this album a few days back on the internet and I've been hooked since. What wows me most about this album is the exceptionable 'Ms Maybe' which features Shaun B. It's pure, soulful A-Capella meets rap. It's so fresh it's bound to earn the repeat button on your (choice of) stereo

'Follow Me' which features Abe Parker is another worth the whole getting. It's raw, the type of hardcore rap we listened to in the 90's with a simple melodic refrain (if the legendary Tupac comes to mind, you are almost there) but still so fresh and legit.
There's a type of energy that comes with a new artist bringing a very unique sound which is quite hard to tag with former categories. You should taste this one for yourself. You must taste this one for yourself. You will taste this one for yourself. . . cause for now, it's free!

Click right here to download.

And you can also follow him on twitter @customarymusic and like his facebook page. Who knows, he might be giving away some more dope music very soon.


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