Friday, May 10, 2013

iRecommend: The Peace of Wild Things by Paper Route [+Free Album Download]

if You Like: Switchfoot, Depeche mode, Blink 182, Beach House, Nickelback, Sheerwood

Rock has never been dance music. It wasn't made with disco lights in mind but when a band promises to take you through the (e)motions and still deliver upbeat dance-able tunes, you gotta love them.

In just a space of two days, 'Better Life' by Paper Route has landed on my '10 Most Played' Playlist. It's that good. It's got echoes, it's got soul. it's got the perfect instrumentation you want for that house party, it's got the perfect life soundtrack on days you just want your car windows down and the wind blowing right at your face.

Also the art work of this album just tells a story. For a short time, 'The Peace of Wild Things' (Full Version) is free and you can download it here

Another free music for the weekend. Thank me later (I meant in the comments. Lol!). Thank God it's Friday.

Till next time on iRecommend, Have fun :)

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