Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It’s funny and at the same time amazing how someone who says you inspire him or her are also an inspiration to you. Over the past couple of years since the rise of social networking and all, I have met and re-met a couple of people who know how to drive it straight to the heart. They are a beacon of hope in a world where despair has chosen as it’s abode, a blast of fresh air on stuffy mornings, and the ray of light one would beg for on days the sun refuses to rise. Wait, they are very ordinary people and to me that’s what makes them extra-ordinary. The ability to stay and be you in a world screaming for your attention, that’s simply amazing. This blog is to appreciate a few (though not all cause have met a handful of amazing people via the web) of the ones who have captured my heart via social networking. Amazing people indeed! I hereby present to you those who have cyber-ed my heart.

I knew Toyin long before the birth of Facebook. She was my school mate back then. Toyin has always been a breathe of fun. The spark, the voice, the smile, and the excitement in her eyes, that’s the Toyin I know. For me Toyin has been an inspiration to live everyday like it’s my last but never forget to have a blast. An inspiration to embrace happiness in what every day brings. Toyin, you are reading this from miles away right now but one thing is for sure someone who radiate so much energy in a smile would forever have a space in my heart.

Meet Harry. He’s the brain behind the Talkaholic blog and Yada mag and also a couple of things still brewing under. I like to say Harry is something big about to happen (actually happening). He is a brewing storm. And aboveall Harry has been an inspiration. Anytime I think of Harry I’m enamored to drop my baggage of excuse and embrace the God-given dream. Harry even far away you keep reminding that though we are human, we really can be super. Thanks Bro!


Meet my friend from the Philippines. Jabez Oberes has a heart that speaks and that just sweeps me off my feet. Did I just rhyme talking about Jabez? Wow! Cause funny enough she does that too with words. She is a poet and a woman of God I look forward to seeing her bloom but funny thing is she’s already blooming where she’s planted in the phillipines. She has a heart for kids. I’m discussing with Jabez via IM and she’s telling me about her next project or the voluntary work she’s into at the mo and I’m encouraged to step out of my comfort zone. Jabez, I remember reading a poem (penned by you on facebook) about a damsel waiting for her prince at her window to come for her and my heart was moved, the words had so much power in it I could see the reality in your simple story. Of one thing I’m sure, these words I’ve said aren’t enough cause like your damsel, you are someone the world is eagerly waiting for to happen. Press On girl! : D

Oh what energy! Like Toyin, this lady was also my Schoolmate. I love the energy with which she lives life. There’s always something cooking. You just ask. And it’s always been that way. This lady has always been a spark, brightening up things. Zaynab your willingness to pick up the pieces and press on no matter what touches my heart and I’m moved to do the same. I see you doing great things girl. GO! GO! GO! :D
Who is Jaycee? I really don’t know. Where is Jaycee? I really can’t say. But still, she’s that person that brightens up my day every now and then by dropping a sincere comment on my blog. I took it a step further one day to visit Jaycee’s blog and I was wowed. Can you believe this lady dedicates a day each week to celebrate other bloggers on her blog. I left with two thoughts in my heart.
    1.       I though as much (what do you expect from someone who takes time out of her busy schedule  and also has an amazing blog also to drop a comment or two on your blog each time)
    2.       It’s really not about us. It’s about what we have to offer others. That’s what makes us successful. That’s what makes us influential
Jaycee, wherever you are, whoever you are, know one thing for sure you have touched a heart and helped it beat with love. The life view  of you I see from here keeps echoing an encouragement - Be Influential.Thanks Jay!

I remember the first time i met Seye Kuyinu ( Head of Nysteria , fellow blogger and poet) via twitter, the realness just captured and drew me in. This guy  rocks! His writing is on a whole new level and anytime i read i'm like wait! when has this guy been hiding. Seye, i know you are reading this and giggling but sincerely you have been an encouragement (You and Harry ) for me to be a better blogger. And the privilege to wake you up at 12:00 AM to bounce some ideas off you head via BBM is a treasure. Thanks Bro!

I'm looking back now over all have written and I'm like what really is this about? is it just a burst of emotion or just some sentimental psyching. The answer comes from somewhere deep inside. No it’s not. I like to see the love we have to give in our hearts as waters flowing. When we store it up for time more than appropriate, that kind word, that encouragement, that smile that might help someone know they are dong some good or just encourage them, when we store this all up and do not let it flow, that’s the beginning of a stinking heart. Envy thrives and hatred blooms in such. I don’t want to have a stinking heart. I want each day to be an opportunity to learn to be a better person. I want to be a able to give compliments freely, appreciating those who are blooming around me. Point made, I don’t want to be an additional problem to all that’s going on in the world (we have a lot already). My friends (though really if I mention all who have inspired at a point or the other, you wouldn’t  be through reading this post today) take this as an appreciation from my heart cause you have indeed cyber-ed my heart. thanks

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I just got Jamie’s EP (Hold Me) and I’m listening to a song titled ‘Holding on’ off it. I first saw Jamie Grace Harper on iShine TV via TBN some months back and a couple of weeks back I heard she was signed to Gotee records (TobyMac, Out Of Eden, FamilyForce5). And really her music is all fun, cool, real and God centered. The joy can be felt, there’s no fronting on this one. As the music plays on something beyond it brings a deep smile to my face - Jamie has a story to tell and without putting words in her mouth I’ll let her tell it.

My life with Tourette syndrome by Jamie-Grace, 15


Well growing up I was like a regular kid. I had friends over, went to their houses, watched movies, rode my bike, you know, "kid stuff". But it sort of changed when I was around eight. I started to blink a lot, like blinking with force, and my arms and legs kept bending rapidly. I was pretty scared considering I couldn't help the movements and so they were just "happening" and when I didn't make these movements, I felt horrible and made myself make them if my body didn't make the movements first.

I saw different doctors, and had different tests. Over this time I started to make a squealing noise and started to repeat almost anything I heard. I also had little things I had to do and things I had to touch and say.

When I was 11-years-old I was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome (TS) and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). TS is a disorder that causes "tics". Tics are sounds and movements that cannot be controlled. OCD is something a lot of people with TS have. It’s where you become obsessed over saying, touching, and doing "random" things.

Coping with OCD

My OCD got harder to control in public, and my TS grew embarrassing as I got more tics. I was then put on different medicines, because that was the only way to see what would work. Some weren't too bad and some weren’t all that great.

Now I also have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Echolalia (I repeat most things I hear.) It's hard, very, but I try not to let it get the best of me. When I have my good days, I am sure to make the best of it. Even my "bad" days! I just have to not let TS wear me down.

It's like what Tim Howard [Premier League footballer who has TS] said, "Tourette Syndrome is a speed bump, not a stop sign”.*

Jamie’s Story is changing me. I’m left without words as I curl up on a couch and type this. A scripture comes to mind . . . no two.

For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world--our faith.
Who is it that overcomes the world except the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?
-          1 John 5: 4-5

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? . . . . . .
No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.
-          Romans 8: 35 and 37

More than ever, I’m inspired to step out no matter what. For the child of God, nothing has got the power to kill our passion, purpose and God-given dream. This is someone who can hide behind a medical disorder but chooses to step out with the strength of God and bless the world with her God-given talent.

There might be mountains but would we forget that we pocket faith like mustard seeds that can move our mountains into the seas?

We might be weak but would we forget that the Joy of the Lord is strength enough?

There might be dark days when the sun won’t shine but would we forget that the Light of the world lives on our inside?

I don’t want to forget. I want to be strong for those I love and my generation. I want to live every single moment in victory. I don’t think I would be bold enough to face my King if I don’t live and finish strong. He’s given me all I need to live a victorious life (2 Peter 1:3) so what’s my excuse?

I’m enamored by the grace that flows through Jamie Grace Harper’s story. And my heart also goes out to everyone who is in a place out there that seems they’ve been locked in with no keys to get out. If you know Jesus, you know the one who has the keys to any bondage of any sort. He can set you free and set you on the part of victorious living to make an impact in your world.

These things should make us stronger whatever the situation. Be encouraged. Let Jamie’s story inspire you. You can do all things . . . yes, through Christ who strengthens you. No matter the limitations life has dealt you let them be an invitation to rise higher. Till next time it still me your boy,

The King’s Son


P.S. - You Can Check out Jamie Grace’s Album Review right here.

Jamie's new EP

And for a free song by Jamie grace click here

* http://www.childrenfirst.nhs.uk/teens/health/mental_health/book1/rs_tour_jg.htm

Wednesday, March 9, 2011



I saw Carrie Underwood some days back after a very long time. A friend of mine just gave me the DVD of the 2011 Grammys after giving me a thousand and one reasons why I should watch this year's edition. Justin Beiber did this, Lady Gaga moved that way, the all new beau Esparanda Spalding who stole the coveted award for best new artist ( now that's shocking and not so shocking, shocking : I never heard of Esparanda till my friend mentioned her. Not so shocking : Grammy always does that, I mean, with people like Norah Jones, like nobody knew her before Grammy forced her on the world. :)). So here was I with the awards and later that same nights I decided to skim through, (if you call watch for some five minutes and fast forward and watch for some another five minutes then continue. . . And then fast forward and then go back to the beginning of this sentence :) ).
So here I am settled in a comfy chair and watching people taking up awards and thanking God and their fans and also the girl with the red hair dancing and singing ' hey na na what's my name'. Now tell me how on earth did she get to forget? I guess I forgot too :D . One moment steals my heart away in all of this. It's when the nomination for best female country artist ( with vocals I think, I'm not really sure of the category but I know it has to do with female, country and music). The nominees are scrolling and Carrie Underwood shows up singing a number which she was nominated for. And I was like waoh! That sound still haunts me still. Soft, poignant, and beyond the surface. I could see it in Miss Underwood's eyes, the deepness. If you know what I'm talking about. She had something beyond the words and the music she wanted to express. All I could remember from the song was ' this is my temporary home'. I am in no way recommending this song cause I myself haven't listened to it in full length but all I just want to say is it's amazing how we can be captured in a moment if heart is expressed indeed. And it's got me thinking, how many lives would be touched if I decide to live from my heart from day to day.


I remember walking down a road once and I saw a girl coming the other way. It was a busy afternoon. People In shorts and shades and everything looked so beautiful still. The hustle and bustle of the city and there she comes in shades, wearing something trendy and just cute for the weather. I must confess, she was indeed adorable. I have never met her before but sincerely I just wanted to walk up to her and tell her how good she looked, the attire and all. But I was simply held back . . . By the fear I guess. The fear of simply looking stupid. 'just mind your business boy'. I walked past her and I heard in me ' you just missed a chance to influence a story. . . She really could have used some compliments'. I missed that opportunity. I missed the chance to give someone a reason to smile. I missed the chance to change someone's story forever. So sad the opportunities we miss all because of the fear.


Can we imagine . . . A world , yeah a world were hope, love and all the good things are the languages spoken. Each of us are learning to be selfless and living more for the other. There is so much love to go round and our hearts are bursting forth with the joy of freedom. Can we imagine a world like that?
I hear people complain a lot of the amount wickedness, harshness, pain, and cruelty available in the world. I really don't want that and I don't want to be a contributor to that. To let love lead the way in our life journey is a choice. It's time we stopped complaining about all the wrong things. It's time we stood up and do the right things. It's time we started living deeply straight from the heart. It's time we started giving compliments more freely from the deepest part of us without sarcasm or flattery. It's time we gave a genuine smile and reassure someone ' I will be there for you no matter what'. It's time guys. I hear you asking ' what if I don't have what it takes?'. Well maybe it's time we rolled up ourselves and get the strength we need


I run into a brick wall most times I try to tell someone how to live a better live without mentioning Jesus. Are there lasting solutions to Earth's problems without him? Really I've been thinking hard about that for a while and I have come to a conclusion - I really don't think so.
I remember reading a book on politics in the developing countries of the world and the author after discussing the various election problems faced in such countries gave various solutions based on his scientific research. Before the end of the book, the author himself was already highlighting the problems arising from his solutions and I'm like what in the world is wrong? We just can't save ourselves. We need God solutions.


I love the church. Though not perfect yet she''s blooming in her entirety in this new generation. She is coming to realize her place from a God view and from a world view
From a world view- She's needed. She's the only one who can provide the solution to the CORE human PROBLEM. Even if the world wouldn't admit that, it yearns still for it's manifestation
From a God view- She is God's hands and feet on the earth. Better said God's body on the earth.

Dogs would always bark no matter what you try to change about them. We really can't force ourselves to produce that which isn't in us. It takes love to love. The emphasis of us needing God and being a part of his living body (the church) in these matters cannot be over emphasized. We need God to live a life that doesn't dwell in self. We need the provisions of the father in his son Jesus to be the new people needed to make a change in a world already believed by many to have gone wrong. Otherwise our dogs will still bark no matter how we want them to sing a love song. It's in God, it in God guys and all he has for us through his son Jesus that true strength comes.
My prayer, that we are there for someone else and not just ourselves, that we take time to give compliments and it isn't only us that look good in our eyes, that we garner the courage to roll up our sleeves from someone else when their world seems to be falling apart and that we live from our hearts and get out of the cocoon of self, cause it's then we TRULY begin to live.

P.S. - and yeah I hope you all enjoyed last week's offerings. Something bigger is on the way :D

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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Paul kept telling a story through his letters to the churches
He kept describing how an amazing God snatched him out of a road to no where
How he met the Light of the world on the road to Damascus
He kept telling it with Joy
The joy of grace. . .

Who are you?
What were you rescued from?
What road were you travelling before this journey?
Did you see a light on the road to Damascus?
In these answers is your story
Take time to answer to know your story
When you have known it
Let the power behind it give you enough strength to say with boldness in your eyes 'This is my story'
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Friday, March 4, 2011


Its night

I stare out my window for a ray of light

It's dark and cold

Blackness covers the face of God's green earth

My heart goes out to a lone traveler trying to make his way through

Navigating the roads of earth for a safe abode

Journeying in darkness praying for the morning sun

I join him as I pray along that the morning comes

It's a desperate move

It's a desperate act

His is a desperate heart

To grope in darkness for a safe abode

To find treasures with no lights on

It must be a measure of survival

Can't he rest his head?

At least for the night

My heart goes out to him

With prayers to find treasures without the light

With prayers to find his path through the night

With prayers for a morning light

But in the reality of things

And there was no light

The world gropes in darkness

The people search for treasures without a light

It's a need not just wants

It's a measure of survival

My lonely stranger is me

My lonely stranger is you

I am a light of the world

But what happens when I choose to hide under a bushel?

I leave my world in a night that lasts forever

Then we grope

Pounce around and hit each other

There is a commotion

There is a birth of grudge

I am a light of the world

A city on a hill

Can I stop changing the position of this beautiful city?

Heaven has found a place in my heart

Its better I let it stay

It's a responsibility we've been given

Yes us Christians

Yes us who have chosen to walk the path of The Nazarene

Can we be the light we are called?

Can we?

Imagine a night that lasts forever

A part of our lives are hindered

We can't live as we should

The fear of the dark alone is torment enough for some

Now imagine more

A world with never ending mornings

The light never goes out

The people are happy

They find a sense of direction for their lives

Purpose is renewed

Dreams are achieved

Intimacy with the Divine isn't a fairytale any longer

That's the world we were called to live in

That's the world we are made for

Only if our Christianity was more than having something to fill in the religion column of forms

Only if our Christianity made it through Sunday night norms

Imagine a world where my lone traveler finds clarity

He's in the night but it seems like day

We are the light and nothing seems gray

He's convinced of right and wrong

He chooses right cause he knows it would lead him to his long lost treasure

I'm still at my window and my heart goes out to a lone traveler in the dark

Prayers are that he would find his way in the night

Prayers are that he would see the light

And prayers are that we would take up the cause we've been given as children of the light to be the light

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Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm standing at the edge of the water
All I once held dear the water took away
It seems like a part of me the water took way
Torn and divided at the edge of the water
Crying for something beyond the loss
I have failed to place my trust in the right places
At the edge of the water I realize it all
All the water took, the water had to take
They weren't really treasures after all
They couldn't stand the test of time
They couldn't stand the current of the water
The water like a flood came and washed it all away
It did a good thing
It pointed me back to You
You were all I really had
You were all that really mattered
I just got carried away
Yes, I let it all carry me away
That's why a part of me felt carried away when the water came and took it all
Now I see better the hazy things
You are all that matters
You have stood the test of time
You would stand the test of time
The edge of the water is my point of reconciliation
The edge of the water is my point of recollection
And oh how I long to come back to you
Indeed You are the Treasure
Yes You are. Sweet Jesus
And You are The Water that quenches the thirsts for anything taken away at the edge of the water

P.S. - For those who hold the world dear . '. .This world is fading away, along with everything it craves. .' 1 John 2:17

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My Jesus I love you
Remove the veil
You have come to rescue
But Lord remove the veil
From Sin and shame and depths of Sheol
Make us see the things you have done

We know in letters of men the things you have done
But do we see by heart the depth of the things you've done?
We cloud up the cleared path of grace with the theology of the former race
Do we know God?
Remove the veil
We try to put God in a box but sorry God escaped at the cross

Father show us
The intentions of your heart
Why you came
Why you gave
All you had on a cross
Show us the road to your heart
In your heart is the precious heart we lost in Eden
Show us

I am a man trying to find my way
A Christian in words of men
There's gotta to be more to this
The father's heart
The father's love
To open my eyes is to hearken the call of grace
Come and rest is all it says to my weary soul
But I come and pick up again the tablets of commandments Moses already shattered in anger

Jesus Jesus
Remove the veil
Make us see
We love you
Make us new
Help us see the way
The way of grace
Help us learn that we do not learn grace by knowing it's definition
But an the experience would make us race the world for you
And help see
That a veil is always to be removed
Cause in that is the translation from a level of glory to another

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Our hope
That the traitor within becomes our dog
Our watch dog

I do all I can to keep this castle safe
But at the brink of victory
You let down the castle doors and let him in without my consent
Or is it?

This is my castle
This is my house
The rooms I have given as a sanctuary for the Holy
But how?
How come?
All of sudden I realize
Like I'm awaken from a drunken slumber
The drug wears off and I find the enemy having a feast at the table of my heart
I find the enemy having a room all to himself
I chase him out
And I try to start over again

At my sore moments
In the quietness of a morning after the slumber of drunkenness
I wonder out loud sometimes
How did He ever get in this time
I swear for the thousandth time never to let him again
And I try to start over again

There's a traitor within
He is the flesh of old
He needs to be mastered
Or else he will be master
Sin is always knocking at our heart-doors
Tap tap tap
Some loud
Some not so loud
When the traitor is master
It is not so loud
When he is mastered
It is just so loud
When the traitor opens the door
He is still master
He has not been mastered
We haven't found ourselves a watch dog
We keep in us, in our castle
A dragon capable of devouring

Our dream
That our castles are safe from all that flaws
Our fantasy
That dragons become dogs overnight
Our reality
The dragon has been defeated twice
And the third defeat already a prophecy which has come to pass in a reality that transcends our minds

Our hope
That the traitor within
Who is the flesh of old
Becomes our watch dog
We rather have a watch dog living in our castle than a dragon

" I decide to do good, but I don't really do it; I decide not to do bad, but then I do it anyway. My decisions, such as they are, don't result in actions. Something has gone wrong deep within me and gets the better of me every time" - Romans 7: 19-20 (The Message)

" You will be accepted if you do what is right. But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out! Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master" - Genesis 4:7 (The New Living Translation)

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