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I saw Carrie Underwood some days back after a very long time. A friend of mine just gave me the DVD of the 2011 Grammys after giving me a thousand and one reasons why I should watch this year's edition. Justin Beiber did this, Lady Gaga moved that way, the all new beau Esparanda Spalding who stole the coveted award for best new artist ( now that's shocking and not so shocking, shocking : I never heard of Esparanda till my friend mentioned her. Not so shocking : Grammy always does that, I mean, with people like Norah Jones, like nobody knew her before Grammy forced her on the world. :)). So here was I with the awards and later that same nights I decided to skim through, (if you call watch for some five minutes and fast forward and watch for some another five minutes then continue. . . And then fast forward and then go back to the beginning of this sentence :) ).
So here I am settled in a comfy chair and watching people taking up awards and thanking God and their fans and also the girl with the red hair dancing and singing ' hey na na what's my name'. Now tell me how on earth did she get to forget? I guess I forgot too :D . One moment steals my heart away in all of this. It's when the nomination for best female country artist ( with vocals I think, I'm not really sure of the category but I know it has to do with female, country and music). The nominees are scrolling and Carrie Underwood shows up singing a number which she was nominated for. And I was like waoh! That sound still haunts me still. Soft, poignant, and beyond the surface. I could see it in Miss Underwood's eyes, the deepness. If you know what I'm talking about. She had something beyond the words and the music she wanted to express. All I could remember from the song was ' this is my temporary home'. I am in no way recommending this song cause I myself haven't listened to it in full length but all I just want to say is it's amazing how we can be captured in a moment if heart is expressed indeed. And it's got me thinking, how many lives would be touched if I decide to live from my heart from day to day.


I remember walking down a road once and I saw a girl coming the other way. It was a busy afternoon. People In shorts and shades and everything looked so beautiful still. The hustle and bustle of the city and there she comes in shades, wearing something trendy and just cute for the weather. I must confess, she was indeed adorable. I have never met her before but sincerely I just wanted to walk up to her and tell her how good she looked, the attire and all. But I was simply held back . . . By the fear I guess. The fear of simply looking stupid. 'just mind your business boy'. I walked past her and I heard in me ' you just missed a chance to influence a story. . . She really could have used some compliments'. I missed that opportunity. I missed the chance to give someone a reason to smile. I missed the chance to change someone's story forever. So sad the opportunities we miss all because of the fear.


Can we imagine . . . A world , yeah a world were hope, love and all the good things are the languages spoken. Each of us are learning to be selfless and living more for the other. There is so much love to go round and our hearts are bursting forth with the joy of freedom. Can we imagine a world like that?
I hear people complain a lot of the amount wickedness, harshness, pain, and cruelty available in the world. I really don't want that and I don't want to be a contributor to that. To let love lead the way in our life journey is a choice. It's time we stopped complaining about all the wrong things. It's time we stood up and do the right things. It's time we started living deeply straight from the heart. It's time we started giving compliments more freely from the deepest part of us without sarcasm or flattery. It's time we gave a genuine smile and reassure someone ' I will be there for you no matter what'. It's time guys. I hear you asking ' what if I don't have what it takes?'. Well maybe it's time we rolled up ourselves and get the strength we need


I run into a brick wall most times I try to tell someone how to live a better live without mentioning Jesus. Are there lasting solutions to Earth's problems without him? Really I've been thinking hard about that for a while and I have come to a conclusion - I really don't think so.
I remember reading a book on politics in the developing countries of the world and the author after discussing the various election problems faced in such countries gave various solutions based on his scientific research. Before the end of the book, the author himself was already highlighting the problems arising from his solutions and I'm like what in the world is wrong? We just can't save ourselves. We need God solutions.


I love the church. Though not perfect yet she''s blooming in her entirety in this new generation. She is coming to realize her place from a God view and from a world view
From a world view- She's needed. She's the only one who can provide the solution to the CORE human PROBLEM. Even if the world wouldn't admit that, it yearns still for it's manifestation
From a God view- She is God's hands and feet on the earth. Better said God's body on the earth.

Dogs would always bark no matter what you try to change about them. We really can't force ourselves to produce that which isn't in us. It takes love to love. The emphasis of us needing God and being a part of his living body (the church) in these matters cannot be over emphasized. We need God to live a life that doesn't dwell in self. We need the provisions of the father in his son Jesus to be the new people needed to make a change in a world already believed by many to have gone wrong. Otherwise our dogs will still bark no matter how we want them to sing a love song. It's in God, it in God guys and all he has for us through his son Jesus that true strength comes.
My prayer, that we are there for someone else and not just ourselves, that we take time to give compliments and it isn't only us that look good in our eyes, that we garner the courage to roll up our sleeves from someone else when their world seems to be falling apart and that we live from our hearts and get out of the cocoon of self, cause it's then we TRULY begin to live.

P.S. - and yeah I hope you all enjoyed last week's offerings. Something bigger is on the way :D

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