Saturday, September 26, 2009


You are not alone
I have been there
Not all places though
But at least someone has been there
I have been there
Locked up in a ‘bad position’
Couldn’t go forward and backward was no option
Choose whatever
Bad position does it better
I have been there
Hindered by walls established by others but built up by you
I have been there
Dark places
No life
The very air you try to breath is wrung out
Hopelessness – a nest less of hope
I have been there but didn’t stay there
Hush now little baby
I know it may hurt a little to lift up your eyes and see the light
Two options
1. Continue to live in this bad position
Status quo continuum
A deeper level of the state you are in now
Remember nothing stays the same
It’s still change but no change

2. Lift up your eyes and see the light

Beyond this hopelessness there is hope
Yeah she left you at the dump
But you are precious still
He marred you
You are still a royal
They shattered you
You can still be whole
You don’t have to become their predictions
Mini devil causing more havoc
They didn’t make that
You chose to let them make you that
But still you are only human
Yesterday is gone with its mistakes
You are only human
The past is past
You are only human
And that’s why 2 is a better option
Embrace forgiveness
Forgive yourself
Make peace with you
When that is done, no need for a thousand ‘sorrys’
You are only human
No mini devil
You are an ‘angel’ in disguise
Broken saint? Yeah!
That’s better
Embrace the light
Embrace the future
The future is light
And if you are too wounded to lift up your eyes
I’m here to help
Take my hand
We would walk through your valleys together
We would walk through the dark places
Into the light
Anyways two are better than one
Remember I’m here for you
But remember still
I am not the healer
But could be used by the Healer
Hands are waiting baby.
Let’s walk into the Light.

P.S- Writing this (the above) was so hard. I tried a lot of times to be coherent but I guess I didn’t succeed. I wasn’t expecting it either cause the above piece is a web of real life and real people. Life aint ‘coherent’. In my short life, I’ve come to know that sometimes reality seems not to make sense. Hey stop there! Don’t start arguing that now. Keep your theology and philosophy for a while. Real life is real, it’s no Hollywood blockbuster.

I actually planned writing this for a friend of mine who has been hurt and shattered by ‘the way of the world’(permit my choice of language) but my best laid plans got robbed when the different stories of real people I have come in contact with over the last few years (some I have had the privilege of ‘walking some dark valleys’ with) came coursing through my mind. Stories of hurt, rejection, abandonment, molestation, abuse. I would spare you extras. Lets stop there.
The thing is, we could be ‘plastic’ sometimes, Living like the world is a perfect world is and nobody hurts and like we ourselves we don’t hurt, only concerned about our own problems and cares. But I tell you that’s a wrong way to LIVE life.
Let’s be real. Your problem isn’t the worst! There are worse cases. We have to wake up and realize daily that people are hurting around us and not just bother only about vacation with family, replacing your blackberry battery, next clothes to get, next visit to the cinema, or even getting food on your table! We should be a hand and a voice of hope to someone hurting and in need, even in need of a friend.
And if you are hurting or broken, the truth is that place is no good for you. You can’t stay there. It’s about you. No one is holding you back. You hold yourself back! We are all dealt our lumps of coals, what you do with it tag it beautiful or ugly. When you are hit again by your next lemon, make lemonade from it and enjoy it. Get out of that place that is restraining your love and live life!


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