Friday, April 29, 2011


Hello Everyone,
I will be starting a monthly column on my blog which would be tagged "BOOK CLUB THURSDAY". The aim is to recommend a book for you each month which you can get at a book store nearby or in fact a community library and read. I would be taking it upon my self to dig deep to search for books that are worth the time reading for my readers.
The type of books that would be introduced from time to time would cover a vast range of genres and book styles. Sections would include

1. Biograghies
2. Memoirs
3. Fiction
4. Christian Living
4. Business/ Management
5. Classics
6. Inspirational

And many more. Group discussions would break out from time to time as readers respond to how their worldview has been changed through the book for a particular month. Guys, i just can't wait for this! It's time to dust our kindles, journals, pens, and books. Get your fingers crossed and your shoes ready, you might be visiting the bookstore anytime soon. Next thursday, The adventure begins!

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