Sunday, April 11, 2010


Thank you enemy
You were the best friend I ever had
Without you there will be no me
Are you surprised?
Please don't be
Thanks so much for unraveling the me you never wanted
The me I never knew
The me you never saw
The me in me
In the long run
You shook out the worst in me
You brought out the best in me
You were an essential tool for making a hero from zero
You made something beautiful from these lumps of coal
You threw them up in the flames to burn out
But all the fire did was to purify these lumps of coal
You poured a glass of cold water on my life
You woke me up from my fairy tale slumber
It was a hard world after all, I got to realize
But for me I could maintain a good and interesting attitude always all the way
You taught how to smile through the pain
You taught me to say 'I can make it through the rain'
Dear enemy
You were a blessing in disguise
A blessing disguised as a curse
Your intention was to make me weaker
I don't know how, but I got stronger
You told so many lies
But now I'm convinced about a truth
You brought the best out of me
You got the rest out of me
You put me to the test
You made me see I was better than the rest
And you were the best friend after all
Thank you :)


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