Thursday, November 19, 2009


‘Enough grace for today ‘
I hear You say
‘Take no worry of tomorrow’
‘Tomorrow would take care of itself’
Your own words spoken thousands of years ago
To a multitude of worried hearts and troubled minds
Can You please say something else?
Something more reassuring
Something that my blind mind can see
Something that sounds like
‘take no thought of thought of tomorrow because I have got it all planned out this way and that way . . . . and so and so good stuff is exactly what’s going to happen. . .’
But that sounds like the Gospel according to me!
The place of faith and daily trust is misplaced in that which I long to hear.
What then would be the expectation of my faith?
It would be futile
But for now. . .
I would pray for the perspective of a man like Habakkuk
Stranded in my blind position
Unable to see what You see
Take me up that hill of endless faith
Show me what You see
Show me what You see that makes You the God of Serenity who desires His creation to be serene
Or rather open my blind mind
That I might stop my ‘unreasonable reasonings’
Like Zephaniah, remind me You quiet troubled minds with Your love
And finally when You have led me to Your mountain of divine perception, please don’t forget to instruct me like you did to Habakkuk to write all I see and would be seeing and make it plain and simplified. . . .
. . . .That as I run through this life towards Your doors of Eternity, that would be my watchword.


The man stood at the door waiting for his son to come home
He’s been here for years but no son seems to come
He says to himself ‘I know one day my son would come back’

The man sits in church hoping for his son to show up
He’s been hoping for years but no son seems to show up
He whispers a prayer ‘I know one day my son would show up’

The man lies in his sick bed longing for his son to arrive soon
He’s been longing for years but now he longs even more
He smiles ‘I know you are coming to take care of me’

The man breathes his last looking for his son to hold him
He drowns away in the inevitable sea that engulfs him
His smile , he still has
His faith, he still holds
His hope, he still cherishes
Waiting for his son
He’s being taken away still he waits
The promise didn’t come but the Giver of promises never failed him
He gasps his last words ‘I know one day my son would show up’
And those where his last words
The man believed the promise until he was taken away
The man never held the promise
But I believe he ‘saw’ the promise
And that’s why he kept saying ‘I Know. . . .’
Oh for the things we know
For the things we know, we need not verify them with our eyes.
‘We know so we believe’
Remember Faith 101
‘We see so we believe’?
That would get you an ‘F’ in the school of the spirit
Oh for the things we know
Even when engulfed by the inevitable sea
We would gasp ‘I know. . .’


I’m really trying to make this all look good
Cause it all don’t look good
And we are broken
We are broken by our weapons of word
Our own very words shot at each other
It’s not really like I’m trying to make you into me
Try to understand
We are friends and we should have our best interest at heart
Me wanting the better you
You wanting the better me
In the end a price tag of ‘mutual improvement’ should be what’s stamped on our friendship
The wise man down 5th and 1st told me the other day that friendship is the ship that transfers friends from an ordinary place to a better place over the seas of time
Over the seas of time
We aren’t there yet; it would be a disaster to part here
Over the seas of time
Do you want this ship to sink? Cause if you do then we go down together
Over the seas of time
We might not see the end of this but I’m sure there’s a safe landing
Over the seas of time
The waves would come crashing
But remember we built ours on a firm foundation
Over the seas of time
We can’t afford to drown in the seas of time; we must come out as survivors who made it through the storms of life
Over the seas of time
It’s hi time we put our minds as one and sail this friendship for a safe port
And guess what our destination is forever
Like Love forever
Remember Love101? Our first lessons
Love is indivisible
Life reactions such as tribulations, death, evil, hardship can’t break love
It’s unbreakable and that’s simply unmistakable
Simply Unmistakably unbreakable indivisible Love
Ours is a seed of that
Over the seas of time
We would grow and not growl
We won’t break
We would sail
We won’t crash
We would last
We would last and land
‘Last and land’ would be our anthem on this ship
Over the seas of time
Remember once more, our destination is forever
And over the seas of time, forever is a long time
It’s time like an endless sea
It’s time that goes on forever
Destination is forever
So get ready for forever

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Who am I?
A flower in Your rain of mercy
Who am I?
I don’t know
Let’s ask you, Maker of me
Maker of who I am
Who am I?
Common clay in the hands of the Potter
Same Potter who gives me the pleasurable privileges to come into the Potter’s house to see what He’s doing with the clay
Common clay and uncommon masterpieces are the synonyms of me
Something beautiful from something not so desirable are the lines of my story
Worthy worthless is the new name
Who I am is not of me
It’s of I AM . . .
Who is I AM
Now that’s better. . . .
When I start from ‘who is I AM’. . .
I land on a middle ground of ‘who I am’. . .
And end on ‘who is I AM’. . .
When I start from ‘who is I AM’, ‘who I am’ unfolds
Who I am is found in who I AM is
Who am I?
Common clay in the Hands of the Potter?
A flower in Your rain of mercy?
My theological musings maybe
The truth is. . . . .
I AM. . . . defines who I am. . . .

NEW :-)

6:17 am

A new day
Another chance to be someone new
To love someone new
To help someone new
To learn something new
To make new friends
To forsake old ‘enemies’
To give new hope
To dream new dreams
To make possible new ‘impossibilities’
A new day to be new
It’s a new day
Everything still seems the same
But no doubt it's a new day!
Don’t wanna miss my new opportunity
Time to get out of bed!


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