Thursday, November 19, 2009


‘Enough grace for today ‘
I hear You say
‘Take no worry of tomorrow’
‘Tomorrow would take care of itself’
Your own words spoken thousands of years ago
To a multitude of worried hearts and troubled minds
Can You please say something else?
Something more reassuring
Something that my blind mind can see
Something that sounds like
‘take no thought of thought of tomorrow because I have got it all planned out this way and that way . . . . and so and so good stuff is exactly what’s going to happen. . .’
But that sounds like the Gospel according to me!
The place of faith and daily trust is misplaced in that which I long to hear.
What then would be the expectation of my faith?
It would be futile
But for now. . .
I would pray for the perspective of a man like Habakkuk
Stranded in my blind position
Unable to see what You see
Take me up that hill of endless faith
Show me what You see
Show me what You see that makes You the God of Serenity who desires His creation to be serene
Or rather open my blind mind
That I might stop my ‘unreasonable reasonings’
Like Zephaniah, remind me You quiet troubled minds with Your love
And finally when You have led me to Your mountain of divine perception, please don’t forget to instruct me like you did to Habakkuk to write all I see and would be seeing and make it plain and simplified. . . .
. . . .That as I run through this life towards Your doors of Eternity, that would be my watchword.

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