Thursday, November 19, 2009


The man stood at the door waiting for his son to come home
He’s been here for years but no son seems to come
He says to himself ‘I know one day my son would come back’

The man sits in church hoping for his son to show up
He’s been hoping for years but no son seems to show up
He whispers a prayer ‘I know one day my son would show up’

The man lies in his sick bed longing for his son to arrive soon
He’s been longing for years but now he longs even more
He smiles ‘I know you are coming to take care of me’

The man breathes his last looking for his son to hold him
He drowns away in the inevitable sea that engulfs him
His smile , he still has
His faith, he still holds
His hope, he still cherishes
Waiting for his son
He’s being taken away still he waits
The promise didn’t come but the Giver of promises never failed him
He gasps his last words ‘I know one day my son would show up’
And those where his last words
The man believed the promise until he was taken away
The man never held the promise
But I believe he ‘saw’ the promise
And that’s why he kept saying ‘I Know. . . .’
Oh for the things we know
For the things we know, we need not verify them with our eyes.
‘We know so we believe’
Remember Faith 101
‘We see so we believe’?
That would get you an ‘F’ in the school of the spirit
Oh for the things we know
Even when engulfed by the inevitable sea
We would gasp ‘I know. . .’

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