Thursday, November 19, 2009


I’m really trying to make this all look good
Cause it all don’t look good
And we are broken
We are broken by our weapons of word
Our own very words shot at each other
It’s not really like I’m trying to make you into me
Try to understand
We are friends and we should have our best interest at heart
Me wanting the better you
You wanting the better me
In the end a price tag of ‘mutual improvement’ should be what’s stamped on our friendship
The wise man down 5th and 1st told me the other day that friendship is the ship that transfers friends from an ordinary place to a better place over the seas of time
Over the seas of time
We aren’t there yet; it would be a disaster to part here
Over the seas of time
Do you want this ship to sink? Cause if you do then we go down together
Over the seas of time
We might not see the end of this but I’m sure there’s a safe landing
Over the seas of time
The waves would come crashing
But remember we built ours on a firm foundation
Over the seas of time
We can’t afford to drown in the seas of time; we must come out as survivors who made it through the storms of life
Over the seas of time
It’s hi time we put our minds as one and sail this friendship for a safe port
And guess what our destination is forever
Like Love forever
Remember Love101? Our first lessons
Love is indivisible
Life reactions such as tribulations, death, evil, hardship can’t break love
It’s unbreakable and that’s simply unmistakable
Simply Unmistakably unbreakable indivisible Love
Ours is a seed of that
Over the seas of time
We would grow and not growl
We won’t break
We would sail
We won’t crash
We would last
We would last and land
‘Last and land’ would be our anthem on this ship
Over the seas of time
Remember once more, our destination is forever
And over the seas of time, forever is a long time
It’s time like an endless sea
It’s time that goes on forever
Destination is forever
So get ready for forever

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