Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Safe Place

[Image via Pinterest]

Your safe place
Not comfortable but safe.
Your desires and the things you value most still in sight.

There's movement.
There's motion.
You can run like the child you once were
And walk with grace like the adult you are.

Your safe place is your own doing.
A garden to tend
A boundary of sorts
In the end no one (but you) is gonna account for it
You've been given 
You can let weeds grow in this tedious garden while looking at the greener other side
Or you can own your zone

So guard
Be fierce
Be real
Be you

Love people but don't hate your self
Who you are, what you've been called to do here and where you are meant to go,
Your safe place helps get you there.
Remember it's safe but not comfortable.

And remember
The tomb is also a womb
As one thing ends another is born
Sometimes you need a place to bring it to maturation
Don't let the harshness of earth kill your dreams
Remember it's safe but not comfortable.


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