Friday, March 4, 2011


Its night

I stare out my window for a ray of light

It's dark and cold

Blackness covers the face of God's green earth

My heart goes out to a lone traveler trying to make his way through

Navigating the roads of earth for a safe abode

Journeying in darkness praying for the morning sun

I join him as I pray along that the morning comes

It's a desperate move

It's a desperate act

His is a desperate heart

To grope in darkness for a safe abode

To find treasures with no lights on

It must be a measure of survival

Can't he rest his head?

At least for the night

My heart goes out to him

With prayers to find treasures without the light

With prayers to find his path through the night

With prayers for a morning light

But in the reality of things

And there was no light

The world gropes in darkness

The people search for treasures without a light

It's a need not just wants

It's a measure of survival

My lonely stranger is me

My lonely stranger is you

I am a light of the world

But what happens when I choose to hide under a bushel?

I leave my world in a night that lasts forever

Then we grope

Pounce around and hit each other

There is a commotion

There is a birth of grudge

I am a light of the world

A city on a hill

Can I stop changing the position of this beautiful city?

Heaven has found a place in my heart

Its better I let it stay

It's a responsibility we've been given

Yes us Christians

Yes us who have chosen to walk the path of The Nazarene

Can we be the light we are called?

Can we?

Imagine a night that lasts forever

A part of our lives are hindered

We can't live as we should

The fear of the dark alone is torment enough for some

Now imagine more

A world with never ending mornings

The light never goes out

The people are happy

They find a sense of direction for their lives

Purpose is renewed

Dreams are achieved

Intimacy with the Divine isn't a fairytale any longer

That's the world we were called to live in

That's the world we are made for

Only if our Christianity was more than having something to fill in the religion column of forms

Only if our Christianity made it through Sunday night norms

Imagine a world where my lone traveler finds clarity

He's in the night but it seems like day

We are the light and nothing seems gray

He's convinced of right and wrong

He chooses right cause he knows it would lead him to his long lost treasure

I'm still at my window and my heart goes out to a lone traveler in the dark

Prayers are that he would find his way in the night

Prayers are that he would see the light

And prayers are that we would take up the cause we've been given as children of the light to be the light

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