Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm standing at the edge of the water
All I once held dear the water took away
It seems like a part of me the water took way
Torn and divided at the edge of the water
Crying for something beyond the loss
I have failed to place my trust in the right places
At the edge of the water I realize it all
All the water took, the water had to take
They weren't really treasures after all
They couldn't stand the test of time
They couldn't stand the current of the water
The water like a flood came and washed it all away
It did a good thing
It pointed me back to You
You were all I really had
You were all that really mattered
I just got carried away
Yes, I let it all carry me away
That's why a part of me felt carried away when the water came and took it all
Now I see better the hazy things
You are all that matters
You have stood the test of time
You would stand the test of time
The edge of the water is my point of reconciliation
The edge of the water is my point of recollection
And oh how I long to come back to you
Indeed You are the Treasure
Yes You are. Sweet Jesus
And You are The Water that quenches the thirsts for anything taken away at the edge of the water

P.S. - For those who hold the world dear . '. .This world is fading away, along with everything it craves. .' 1 John 2:17

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