Wednesday, June 29, 2011

That Thing Around Your Neck

[Image by Cubagallery]

That thing around your neck

Yes that thing

I see you looking for it

But it rests right on your collar bone

That thing around your neck

The very one you are looking for

It could choke you, you know

You walk with it gallantly

You show it off like a new necklace you just got from the market square

You show the people what you cannot see

That thing around your neck

It’s the one that has belittled the greatest of men

It’s the unheard siren that echoes the destruction to befall the deaf traveler

It’s the thing that makes mere men tread carelessly where angels adorn

That thing

You call it confidence

I call it pride

You modernize it and call it ego

I stay true to wisdom and still call it pride

That thing around your neck

Don’t bother

You won’t see it

If men could hang it like a necklace

They would put it off so easily

The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart

In the matters of the heart

That thing around your neck

Or is it around your neck?

Monday, June 27, 2011

The 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards: Let's Grab Those Awards!

I'm so excited! My blogs The Voice and Verbs and Vibes both made it to the nomination list for the Nigerian Blog Awards. I didn't do this alone. Thanks to everyone who took out time to nominate, my friends on Facebook, Twitter , BBM , and my readers and followers. And also a big 'THANK YOU' to you reading right now!

Getting to the nomination list wasn't on my own neither would be getting the awards. So i do need your help to get these awards. Without much ado. Let's get to the voting procedure.

How to vote blogs:

1. Visit the voting page

2. Enter your name and a valid email address. Double check your email address: if it is incorrect your vote wouldn't be acknowledged

3.Vote for one blog in each category. The Categories my blogs are nominated for include:

The Voice
Best Book ,Poetry or Writing Blog

Best Personal Blog

Best Religion Blog

Most Educational Blog

Most Unique Voice in a Blog

Verbs and Vibes
Best Music Blog

4. New Visitors to the Nigerian Blog Award site (i.e. if you were not involved in the nomination phase) would recieve a confirmation email which you would have to open and click a link in to confirm.

And that's it.

I have waited expectantly for this, people. We got through the nomination phase. We can get this awards. I believe in you and I also know you believe in me. Thanks for coming thus far. But one more step before the final jubilation. Let's make a boy proud.

I'll be watching youAnd always remember

P.S.- Voting closes July 9. So please now is the time. Don't procrastinate! Now is the time and also share this with a friend to also vote. Thanks in anticipation.


[Image by cubagallery]

Man on his journey of purpose can sometimes be pictured as a runner in a race. Imagine a runner running with so much weight and load on him and another with nothing. The other with nothing is fit and has a better chance of winning the race.
Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,
– Hebrews 12:1
This is the voice of God calling to us (through Apostle Paul) to lay aside every weight and the sin that easily entangles us so we can run well the race that is set before us.

One of the weight or sins I have come to notice that easily entangles is the weight or sin of offence. In our modern day culture, fast and zooming, it is so easy to get offended. Everyone is in a hurry and no one wants to be left behind. People find it easier to point the finger instead of just simply taking up responsibility for their mistakes. They are waiting to lash out at anyone who messes up their way.

I’m sure you might be nodding right now thinking of those who have hurt you one way or the other but what about you? In what ways are you meant to be extending mercy and grace that you aren’t? In what ways are you meant to be laying down the heavy load of un-forgiveness that you aren’t?

Listen up people; we can’t get too far carrying the bags of un-forgiveness. We just can’t. It’s distracting and it’s a strategy of the enemy to distract us from the beautiful and amazing plans God has for us. I know they hurt you so much it made you cry, let it go by the power of the Spirit within you. I know you didn’t do anything to deserve to be treated that so bad, just let it go.

And not so fast, one thing I have realized personally is that sometimes we just don’t know how to forgive. Maybe we just need to learn by looking at how God through Christ has unconditionally forgiven us through the scriptures. In fact, Jesus tells us in the gospel to bless those who curse us and also pray for our enemies. For me this has been a healing path. I would be honest, first it’s a duty. You are doing it because God wants it from you but before you know it, the Spirit of God is really praying for them through you and asking God to bless them sincerely. And really this is a door opener to a lot of supernatural blessings and favor.

In a culture where the norm is to take up offence at the slightest hint of it, we do really need this. We need to cultivate a culture of forgiveness. If we only could see the person God sees when he looks at us, we would come to realize that we are bigger than these things. We can’t let un-forgiveness rob us of a beautiful future. And the interesting thing is as we lay down the weights, we run faster. We are able to focus better at the task at hand, hidden treasures are revealed and our mind and energy is restored.

Un-forgiveness might just be the thing slowing you down. It time to embrace life with more passion. Be brave to drop the weights. I dare you to be courageous in your calling.

Sometimes on our path to forgiveness, we might need someone we trust to talk to about our hurts and disappointments. What areas are you harboring un-forgiveness? Sit back and look over the beautiful things God has been revealing to you concerning your life, is it worth trading over holding a grudge or a thirst for revenge?

Get on it today. Ask God for grace to let go of these weights. Ask for an experience of the grace, mercy and love he has for you. Talk to someone maybe your pastor about it. Get study materials on the subject of forgiveness (I highly recommend R.T. Kendall’s book Total Forgiveness, it has helped me). Arm yourself ready for that beautiful future God has already given.

In a world that begs to conform to a culture far lesser than that which heaven has bestowed we need to wave our banner of forgiveness. We are the resistance. Let’s take our stand. Anyone with me on this ? :)
“I learnt what we hold against someone else would only wind up hurting ourselves. We need love motivation” – Beckah Shae

Thursday, June 23, 2011


She’s quick to say beauty is beyond skin deep because she isn’t
But beauty that which is skin deep sure opens doors
But wait. . . .
Isn’t it fleeting?

It is a blessing to be beautiful
They that know that don’t suffer from the disease it brings
Cause they have found its everlasting cure
It’s a blessing not to be beautiful
They that know that don’t die of the shame it brings

If you say you are not beautiful, you haven’t found your purpose
Some need that which is skin deep and that which isn’t to fulfill their life mission
Some only need the later
None can fulfill it without the later
She who stands amidst a sea of faces to boast that she can fulfill hers only with the former is one who abuses beauty.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


[Image by HP5man]

What on earth am I doing on earth?

Why am I here?

What’s the meaning of life?

A lot of people have taken the easy route in finding the answers to these questions, and found at the end of the route that there actually exist no answers.

I remember asking a friend whom I met at a party once a question as we journeyed back home in his car. We were chatting up stuff like the ‘fun’ and ‘play’ life had to offer or better said ‘the best things of life’ when I dropped the question; ‘If you were 70 right now, looking back what would you regret not doing with your life?’. A pensive mood immediately swallowed up the fun mood in the car as we rode along on the highway, I felt terrible. Why did I have to break the happiness of the moment with such a ‘killjoy’ question, I was already scolding myself when my friend, gripping the steering cautiously stuttered ‘skydiving I guess. . . . I’m really not sure but I would like to sky dive before I’m 70 and’ and broke a smile and the happiness seemed to seep back into the car. Yes I allowed it knowing my friend didn’t actually answer my question and I didn’t want ruffle any more feathers. In four words, I let it pass.

A lot of people bury their true purpose and calling because they have discovered that it might be a hard route getting to it so they simply toss it and settle for the easy route of playing a part in whatever life brings their way.

What am I really getting at? Let’s see a couple of verses from the Bible.

There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless the Lord’s counsel that will stand – Proverbs 19:21

Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out – Proverbs 20:5

Okay, let’s take a closer look at these two verses.

Man has many plans in his heart but it’s God’s counsel that would stand.

Okay next step.

God sets his counsel in the heart of man. The Bible says it’s set there like ‘deep waters’ Let’s stop here for now.

The plan and calling of God for us is set in us like deep waters. It’s right in there covered up in the rocks and sands of a lot of other stuffs. The truth is- we are always just too lazy to dig out this ‘deep waters’. On to the next…

But a man of understanding will draw it out.

This highlights the tool we need to draw out the deep waters in our heart – being a man of understanding.

I remember college classes and all. Understanding is usually birthed in finding answers to questions. You understand a professor’s heart better by asking him questions or structuring out questions that can be answered through the package or text he has given to you. We need to come to an understanding of what really our purpose on earth is all about. And a great place to start is asking real questions -

Here are some questions on purpose and calling that would sure clear the cobwebs from our dusty windows.

Through the circumstances and events that have been happening lately in my life. What is God trying to communicate to me? Where is he leading in all of this? What ways is he forming me? What character is he forming in me for the story he’s writing

Picture yourself looking back over your life someday, what are some of the highlights or important ‘scenes’ that absolutely must take place in order for you to feel like your life was complete?

What are the non-negotiable events or occurrence that must take place in your story- without which you could never consider your life a success or the curtains falling at the end of your story? These are hard questions that might stifle the happiness in the car as we ride on the highway of life but please don’t let them pass cause the end result is a life that is bursting forth with real courage and true calling.


An assignment is like a calling, but it pertains to very specific actions or functions you are able to identify that must be carried out before a particular time; one’s life assignment is often the detailed breakdown of a particular calling.

Looking at the gifts, spiritual gifts, events, circumstances and path God has brought you through your whole life, what ‘good works’ (as described in Ephesians 2:10) would you say God has formed you to ‘walk in’? Check out the following verses for an in depth study: Romans 12:6-8, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 2:10, 1 Peter 4:10, 1 Corinthians 14:11-13.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Status- He’s carving out a place in me, that I may contain His glory

- I love the status
- ! !
- He! True
Yes bro -
He’s carving it out - 
And it’s not easy for me to take -
But His Will will be done - 
-          Hey you aren’t alone
-          Same here
-          These past few days have just been like I’m walking on rubber feet
-          You know the feeling?
-          Numb!
-          I can’t just feel my face
-          I’m screaming ‘What’s up Lord’
-          He’s Whispering ‘I’m changing you, son’
-          It’s in times like this deep holiness is wrought
Wow dats deep!-
I feel like . . . he wants to change me-
But I’m adhering to my opinions and emotions too much-
In certain areas and stuff-
And I need to realize dat God’s word prevails-
I’ll get there anyway-

-          Yeah God’s word prevails
-          God’s word must be the absolute
-          And that just rocks our boat
-          You know
-          :D
-          We want it our way but he wants it His way
-          He wants it His way cause our way would hurt the beloved
-          The one he left his throne and crown to come save
-          Us
Yes Bro-
-          Yeah
-          Our hope – we will one day be like him
-          That gets me dancing
-          \=D/
Dis is somthin my friend jst sent me-

-          Oh! Would go through it in a min

Ok, its nt long at all-
I read a scripture and thought to share it with you. Its Proverbs 12:14 and declares that the work of a man’s hand shall come back to him as a harvest. Meaning, as you sow and invest your time and effort into what you want to achieve, in due season your efforts shall pay off and it shall bring rewards. So don’t give up and just be patient knowing that what you put in, shall surely come back to you. Why? Because God said so. God bless-

-         Hmmmm
-          True
-          So true!
-          We shouldn’t lose heart at all

P.S.- A big 'THANK YOU' to my friend  Rotimi whom I had this conversation via (Black Berry Messenger) with on one of those ‘cold nights’ of the soul. The blue boxes are for his words and the yellow for mine. I recall him replying me after I proposed to share this on my blog ‘This could bless someone’ and I hope God uses it to do exactly that and more. I hope this refreshes a weary traveller on a journey to a place ordinary eyes can’t behold. I hope a soldier finds renewed zeal to stand in his or her liberty.
In the making of beautiful, there’s something called ‘process’. When we go through process we make  progress. Never lose heart. You are a change in the making.

P.S. Rotimi writes for Yada (which I also write for) and also runs a fashion blog. You can check him out on Thinks I Like . Get ready for a surprise, this guy is a box of creativity on a whole new level J

 Till later, always remember

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards: Let's Make It to The Nomination List!

The 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards is here and the good news; my blogs ( The Voice and Verbs and Vibes) are both listed at the Nigerian Blog Awards site so you can nominate them in the awards. Here are steps to nominating my blogs.

How to nominate blogs:

1.Visit the Nominations page.

2.Fill in your name and email address. Please use a valid email address or your nomination will not be counted.

3.Put the blog addresses (urls) of the blogs you are nominating, making sure that the nominated blog fits the category it is being nominated for. Blogs nominated for categories they do not qualify for will be removed. In this case you are nominating [] (The Voice, Which is a blog focused on writing, poetry, Religion and also personal life. It sure cuts across a number of categories) and [] (Verbs and Vibes, which is a blog focused on Music review and entertainment)

4.When you’ve put a blog address in each of the categories you’d like to nominate a blog for, click the “Submit” button at the bottom left corner of the page. You will be directed to check the email address you used to register your nominations for a confirmation email.

5.Open the email from nigerianblogawards (or anonymous) and click on the link in the email. This will cause your nominations to be registered.

The categories I feel best fit my blogs are 3,4,7,16,19,27,28,29, and 30 (For The Voice [] ) and 8 and 13 ( For Verbs and Vibes [].

I have waited for this people but one thing is true, I can't get to the next level which is the Award voting without you all. We can do this people. I believe in you and I'm sure you do believe in me too. Let's make a boy proud.

I'll be watching you

And always remember


P.S.- Nominations close June 17. So please now is the time. Don't procrastinate! Now is the time and also share this with a friend to also nominate. Thanks in anticipation.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


 [Image by fabbriciuse]
Hello everyone,
Last it was Book Club Thursday and now I've got something new for you all. 

There’s so much going on in our world and also on the music scene. Truth be told: decent and good music is 'hard' to come across these days. From scantily dressed bodies on TV screens to lyrics that scream violence and obscenities buzzing through headphones, music has become more than a form of entertainment. It’s an influence.

One could be tempted to say these days; Show me what's on your iPod and I will show you who you are going to be. Shocking but true. Our music influences us in a big way. It has a way of modifying or thwarting our world view. Gone are the days we can hide behind the lies of: 'it's just good beats'. Sorry, good beats might end up leaving us bitten. No pun intended seriously.

So what's the case: Break all my urban CDs and go on media celibacy? I don't think so. There's an option


In life, there are always an alternative. And I'm glad to inform us too that we also have an alternative in choosing our music. I hear you say: 'not again, I can't stand Mama's old school gospel, it's just absolutely boring. Don't even try bringing that on'. I'm not bringing that on I've got something ‘better’.


On the first Monday of each month, I would be introducing 'sound' sounds, ranging from Hip hop to Rap to Rock and even RnB. Is someone excited? It would cover a lot of artistes from different parts of the world who are doing a good and hard job to produce and promote decent music. I can't wait guys. Recommending good music to you also has a way of exposing me to the same. Music is an influence on the soul. So who are we gonna be after we drop our iPods.

Welcome Music Monday :)

Monday, June 6, 2011


[Image by Cubagallery]

She sits at the coffee table waiting. . . .

Waiting for him

It’s past seven and he said he would come in time

Seven was the time

She sits and waits

She waits for me

In the reality that matters she sits in her castle prison waiting for salvation

They say she’s beautiful but so much of her beauty has been left hidden to the world

Someone has to deliver

Someone has to deliver her from that which encroaches on her beauty

I see her at the coffee table but all day long she sits at the window of her tall castle

Singing a ‘mournful’ song

“Come love . . .

Come save

Come deliver. . .

Come set free

Come get me from this castle prison“

She lets down her long beautiful hair waiting for him to come

Come up and deliver

But he’s too shy to take the first step

He’s a warrior that doesn’t know his strength yet

He’s a god who hasn’t yet awakened to his power

She sits at the coffee table

She takes a quick glance at me

I avert my gaze and look away

What if she waits for me?

I might just be her knight in shining armour

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hello everyone,

It’s another book club Thursday; another chance to start into a new book. I once read a saying off a wall some months back about how reading a book is like an invitation to experience a whole new world that we’ve never seen. And that’s so true. A book gives us a chance to relax, step away from the issues and problems we are facing and step in on someone’s perspective or world carved with words on that issue or a similar one. It’s indeed a beautiful privilege and honor to be invited to a world we’ve never been; and it only takes flipping the pages of a good book. This month, I picked up a good book already and this time its fiction. I’ve been reading one of Francine Rivers latest series (The Martha legacies) titled ‘Her Mother’s Hope’. So far it’s been an adventurous ride.

Rivers, one of the frontier authors of the Christian Contemporary fiction genre made her first break into the Christian writing market in 1991 with her popularly acclaimed novel ‘Redeeming Love’. Before then she wrote romance novels for the mainstream section but things changed in 1986 when she became a born again Christian. Her new series (The Martha legacies) focuses on family and finding strength to fulfill one’s dreams. Francine Rivers who is an acclaimed and skilled writer even in mainstream circles has delivered another one which I would sincerely recommend. Though when I first saw this book on the book stand, I was a bit turned off by it's cover, considering it a bit sentimental, but  I was reminded a book should never be judged by it's cover. Are you going to the bookstore this month? Let it be ‘Her Mother’s hope’ and feel free to share your views and reactions when done reading.

Below are the book details

Book Title: Her Mother's Hope
Author: Francine Rivers
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 504
Vendor: Tyndale
Publication Date: 2010
Genre: Fiction/ General

Till later, always remember



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