Monday, June 6, 2011


[Image by Cubagallery]

She sits at the coffee table waiting. . . .

Waiting for him

It’s past seven and he said he would come in time

Seven was the time

She sits and waits

She waits for me

In the reality that matters she sits in her castle prison waiting for salvation

They say she’s beautiful but so much of her beauty has been left hidden to the world

Someone has to deliver

Someone has to deliver her from that which encroaches on her beauty

I see her at the coffee table but all day long she sits at the window of her tall castle

Singing a ‘mournful’ song

“Come love . . .

Come save

Come deliver. . .

Come set free

Come get me from this castle prison“

She lets down her long beautiful hair waiting for him to come

Come up and deliver

But he’s too shy to take the first step

He’s a warrior that doesn’t know his strength yet

He’s a god who hasn’t yet awakened to his power

She sits at the coffee table

She takes a quick glance at me

I avert my gaze and look away

What if she waits for me?

I might just be her knight in shining armour

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