Wednesday, June 8, 2011


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Hello everyone,
Last it was Book Club Thursday and now I've got something new for you all. 

There’s so much going on in our world and also on the music scene. Truth be told: decent and good music is 'hard' to come across these days. From scantily dressed bodies on TV screens to lyrics that scream violence and obscenities buzzing through headphones, music has become more than a form of entertainment. It’s an influence.

One could be tempted to say these days; Show me what's on your iPod and I will show you who you are going to be. Shocking but true. Our music influences us in a big way. It has a way of modifying or thwarting our world view. Gone are the days we can hide behind the lies of: 'it's just good beats'. Sorry, good beats might end up leaving us bitten. No pun intended seriously.

So what's the case: Break all my urban CDs and go on media celibacy? I don't think so. There's an option


In life, there are always an alternative. And I'm glad to inform us too that we also have an alternative in choosing our music. I hear you say: 'not again, I can't stand Mama's old school gospel, it's just absolutely boring. Don't even try bringing that on'. I'm not bringing that on I've got something ‘better’.


On the first Monday of each month, I would be introducing 'sound' sounds, ranging from Hip hop to Rap to Rock and even RnB. Is someone excited? It would cover a lot of artistes from different parts of the world who are doing a good and hard job to produce and promote decent music. I can't wait guys. Recommending good music to you also has a way of exposing me to the same. Music is an influence on the soul. So who are we gonna be after we drop our iPods.

Welcome Music Monday :)

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