Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why You Must Tell Your Story [A Year End Post]

[Image via Shiri Heyman from Pinterest]

It's the end of the year and so many things have happened during the course of this year. So many things just like the many different people who are reading this right now. You're reading this right now and really I can't just categorise what has happened in your life this year. Because, a variety of the good and bad (in different proportion) has happened in each of our lives if we really want to be honest during this year. And really no matter what might have happened, I bet you if you are reading this, God has done something this year in your life that if you tell us the story about it would make our ears stand on end.
Let me tell you a bit of mine

My Story
For me, this year started really good, I mean great. I finished my service year, got a job almost immediately, got a place of my own, the ministry I was a part of in my local church was thriving, I got to volunteer at a youth camp, where i had the chance to pour into the lives of others and where i myself was totally refreshed. I mean I was living a part of my dream. Then like the unimaginable happened, to cut the long story short, sometime in August I like lost three quarters of everything I ever owned to a flood and that just totally rocked my world. I fell into a state of depression that wasn't my own and I knew it cause I'm like this very upbeat kind of person. But it was season of reassurance, it was a season God showed himself strong that he was for me and not against me. Seriously I felt God closer in those moments it seemed I lost everything. It was like He came and said to me : Ayo I am your everything, you didn't lose me. And gradually there was a restoration. Gradually, there was a restoration not just of things lost in the flood but of things lost in the unseen flood of the soul.

Fast forward
Towards the end of this year, I was already packing my bags on leaving the year. Closing the door on all things good to happen, maybe cause I thought it was already the later part of December. But God suprised me. He sent answers to prayers I already gave up on my way. He sent answers to plans I was in fact considering for the year ahead. Like I was totally surprised with joy and favour. You would surely hear more about this next year though pardon me some might be a bit too personal to share.

But why am I saying this? Why am going through the details of sharing my own personal story. It's not to show what I have accomplished cause seriously the things that happened as the year was running to an end, I didn't have a single thing to contribute to their happenings. God totally surprised me. Like i was shocked by these miracles. But why I'm saying these is to encourage you. To remind you that only if you too could look carefully at this year, you would find a story God must be telling through your life that someone would find encouraging. And not to sound absurd, we might all not be at the same points in our personal stories. There might be tragedy ( I'm not necessarily saying that's God's doing cause there's an enemy) but it's just a part of the narrative. Wherever you might be right now as this year runs to an end, and you are a Christian, one thing I want you know is that no matter what happened, God is writing a good, great and superb story with your life. And it's time we started telling our stories. Somehow when we tell our stories, we see the beautiful and bright endings God has for us from the dark middle we might be. And that brings faith to our spirit, hope to our souls and love to the world around us.

My Life Now
6 days back I wrote a note about how it's so possible that God can accomplish the greatest things ever this year for us even in the remaining 6 days. May I let you know that I have suffered like the biggest heart break this year since then (oh what an irony. lOl) and also it would interest you too that in these 6 days I have seen like my greatest surprises that left my mouth opened and amazed with joy even this year. Okay God can do and if I didn't learn anything this year, I sure learnt that in our moments of greatest heartache and deepest gloom, if we just hold on to the promise God's given us, we would see the beautiful dawn and I tell you it would leave our mouths wide open.

For You
You might have packed your bags and discarded this year and the stories that came with it but may I suggest to you, they might be the very springboard the miracle of the year to come might bounce from. I beseech you, TELL YOUR STORY! It is your miracle in words, it is your beautiful future in conversation form and no one can tell it better than you. It's God's story graced towards you. I'd say you start right now before you leave this year behind.
What was your story like this year, I would love to hear from you. :)

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Boost! [6 Days]

 [Image via Flickr]

Do you believe that God in his loving mercies and unfathomable kindness wants to do some 'super' cool and great stuff in your life before this year ends?

Point of Correction : It's not the end of the year. The year is running to an end.
We've got 6 days left before this year ends.

Point to Remember : It took God just 6 days to make this whole wide world we live in and can't fathom it depths yet after uncountable years of exploration and research.

Point to Ponder : Do you think 5 days is too small for your situation and life?
I think it's in fact too much.

Expect the impossible

Don't try to calculate it

Believe God

Just trust God for whatever it might be you want to see in your life before this year runs out no matter how big, God is bigger.

Be sincere, God can handle your honesty.

Expect the impossible

Believe the one who makes impossible stories possible
Amazing things happen in 6 days
Remember it took him just 6 to set the world in motion
Point of Duty: You just believe (John14:1)

P.S. - Merry Christmas friends and a Happy coming new year. Lots of  'super' great things are still going to happen in your life before the end of the year. I hope you are expecting them. Less I forget, yes I wrote a special post for Christmas titled 'Tinsel' but couldn't post it up yesterday (lots of celebration on this end). Wanted to post it up next year Christmas but that's a long time. So I'm giving my readers the opportunity to decide if it should still come up this year or not. I would love to hear from you. 'Post' or 'not to post' 'Tinsel'. Leave a comment :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Your Mind Would Change

Image via flickr

We are reminded as Christians in 1 Corinthians 2:16 that we have the mind of Jesus Christ. True and amazing thought but it doesn't always feel that way. Sometimes the thoughts that emanate from our minds might just discourage us from believing this truth. But the truth doesn't change, God's word says you've got Christ mind. People could be skeptical and say to you with their words and attitude, 'stop fooling you, where is the mind of Christ you claim to have?'. God didn't leave us helpless in these things, he has given us a way to prove this to the world.

"And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed By the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God" - Romans 12:2

'That good and acceptable and perfect will' is that the glory of God is displayed through you and that's why you have been empowered with the mind of Christ. The way to prove this to the world is by renewing our minds - doing away with the old way of thinking and having a new way of thinking in Christ, doing away with our old ideas about life and ourselves and getting in God's truths about life and ourselves. God's word is filled with God's truth, what better way to renew our minds than by reading it and letting the truth sink in deep.

Keep at it, keep reading it, keep studying. Be diligent about it. It might just take time but hold on, your mind would change.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

10 Free Songs For Your Christmas Playlist!

Good Morning Friends,

Today again I came across some very cool free Christmas music. Okay please forgive me for crowding your playlist but I just love my readers and I can't stop sharing with you the cool stuff I get to find. So I have selected a couple of artists you might not be so familiar with but trust me they are good.

Note: To get this songs, right click on the link, and click 'Save target as'.

For 'Angels We Have Heard On High' by Six Pence None The Richer, Click here

For 'This is Christmas' by Cortni, Click here

For 'Winter Wonderland' by FFH, Click here

For 'Hallelujah, The Lord Has Come' by Jadon Lavik, Click here

For 'The Heart of Christmas' by Josh Caterer, Click here

For 'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing' by David Ian, Click here

For 'Toy Packaging' by Sara Groves, Click here

For 'O Come O Come Emmanuel' by Dana Jorgensen, Click here

For 'O Holy Night' by The Great Transpareny, Click here

For 'Snow Globe' by Matt Wertz, Click here

And a Bonus Song Which has got nothing to do with Christmas, a free song off Playdough's new album (Hotdoggin'). Click here to download the song 'My Cadillac'

So that's it! 10 Christmas songs for your playlist and a bonus. I've got a 'spiritual diet' post coming up later this week, it's titled 'Your Mind Would Change', you don't want to miss it. Do enjoy the songs, I would like to know which was your favourite. So listen and comeback and leave a comment.

"You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself." - Seth Godin (From The Book 'Tribes')

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*All Songs provided courtesy

Monday, December 19, 2011

Free Christmas Download From Elevation Worship

Hello Friends,
Merry christmas once again to you, I guess I can't say it enough, it's the season.I woke this morn to the news that the Elevation Worship team (which you would be familiar with if you read this blog) is giving away a free batch of christmas songs. So excited about it and want to share it with you. And here is the download link.

Till next time

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iRecommend Special: Where And How To Get Lots of Music For Free [Legally]

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Gym House of God

It's funny how we all admire the abs but no one really admires the dumbbells. It's funny how we admire the new born and the thought of going 9 months with another inner life is dreadful (or at least something to be handled with courage) for most women, or the sweet fruits off a tree and no one really likes the long wait of it being produced. To cut it short, no one really admires processes

And the funny thing is that processes are when things are actually made. The wait, the time it seems nothing is happening on the outside, thats the time when the real progress is going on on the inside. Just like a person working out at a gym, it doesn't just happen all in a day, the big muscles and the sexy abs, no not in a day.

The bible tells us in the book of Galatians that we reap what we sow. Great thought. Plant good seeds get good results but what we often forget is that things that are sown need time to grow before they can be ripe.

If you are a believer, a child of God, Jesus is working in you and he is also calling you to work out your salvation, like the determined man at the gym determined to burn off those fats and tone his muscles keep working it out. Don't get tired. Keep at it. Keep sowing seeds of the word of God which is the truth into your life. It's might take a while but if you don't give up, a tree is coming, a strong oak of righteousness. It's might take a while but if you don't give up, those strong muscles are going to begin to show, a mighty man of valor. Keep at it. Remember without process no progress. Go through the hard process. Work your faith out, your muscle would tear but they would rebuild to get stronger. Go through the process, you are making progress.

Welcome to the Gym House of God, the place where dreams are made.

Ponder.- I found the picture above via google. It really struck me as kind of funny and I laughed alot at it but it also tells a story too. Sometimes we are alike the child in the picture, we want to do BIG things for our God (which is alright) but we don't want to grow. We want to carry big weights as babies. Kind of sounds impossible to me. I'm in a place in my life right now where I believe God is calling me to leave some trivias and go deeper in him. It's not as easy as it sounds. I have cried many things for having to play the dum one in situations in which I'm right. I'm learning to let go of my 'good' rights for greater ones. Seriously, it's hard but I'm wearing my long term lens. I hope this encourages you wherever you might be in your walk with God. What things are you forfeiting right now for the greater in the long term? How would be reading your comments :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Free Christmas Download From Plumb

Merry Christmas to y'all. And today I'm glad to annouce to you that the amazing and unique artist Plumb is giving away free brand new tracks this christmas. She's also giving away a Kindle fire and lots of other free goodies. I just got my free tracks and I'm seriously loving them.
And getting to the personals, I watched 'The Tourist' again for the thrid time last night. There's just something about that movie and I finally got to see 'In The Blink of An Eye' over the weekend. Cool movie, I should do a review pretty soon. And I also have been reading John C. Maxwell 'Everyone Comminucates, Few Connects' and yes it's been awesome all the way. I would end this post with a quote from it.
So what movies did you see over the weekend, what book are you currently reading and what's been on your playlist lately? And don't forget to get Plumb's free christmas dowloads. Below is the link.

"To add value to others, one must first value others" - John C. Maxwell

Thursday, December 8, 2011

iRecommend: Free Music Download [For The Honour] By Elevation Worship

If You Like : Hillsong, ColdPlay, Vicky Beeching, Jimmy Eat World, Hillsong United, Desperation Band, and Hoobstank

I'm so excited to present to you Elevation Worship. It's the band in charge of worship at the Elevation Church (Pastor Steven Furtick) North Carolina, US. You would find it hard to believe that this amazing band with a fresh and amazing sound actually is a church's worship band.

They just released a brand new album titled 'For The Honor' but I have been stuck on a song from their formal album (Kingdom Come) titled 'Awaken', awesome tune and lyrics! It gets me jumping, seriously as in literally.

I have been looking forward to getting "For The Honor" (which has been released), so when I heard that Elevation Worship was giving away the title track, I was excited!. So here is it friends, download and do share it with friends. It's free and you can get it here.

What cool stuff (Book, App, Music, Gadgets, Place e.t.c.) have you been looking at? Leave a recommendation below, would love to hear from you. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Faith Really Means [Sweet Pancakes From The Devil]

[Image by Katie Quinn]

Some want the gifts but do not believe in the existence of the Giver
How do you receive gifts from a hand you are not seeing?
Maybe they are handed sweet pancakes from the Devil
We humans have a heart condition too shallow to know differences
Between sweet and sour
Between bitter and better
We often mistaken shiny for good most times
To know good we must collaborate with the Giver
We must know with certitude the hand handing down our gifts
Cause real faith is believing that God the giver is 
And all that He has given, is giving, and would be giving is REAL

Ponder : In a (church) culture that magnifies the faith of receiving things instead of receiving God, have you ever wondered how dangerous the outcome of this could be? Consider the term 'sweet pancakes from the devil', God is the giver of all good things but we forget all that glitters isn't of necessity gold. What is the harm in letting the gifts pave the way for us as Christians? Would love to hear your thoughts

Wonder : Hebrews 11:6 (The Holy Bible)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Grammy 2012 [My Predictions]

I woke up this morn to the news (Thanks to the amazing Yada site) that the Grammy nominations are out. So excited about that and below are my predictions.

Category 1 - Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance. . . .

Read the rest here

What are your own predictions? Who do you think is likely to get an award? I would like to hear your point of view, drop a comment :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How We Really Know Those Who Don't Really Know

[Image by Ben Olsem]

Just a thought. . .

I've been thinking about what it means to know and if I'm not sure about a number of things, I'm sure of this: to know is to be able to help somone to know too.

Now I'm not playing with words but seriously I have had my share of teachers who appear before the class and flaunt their knowledge and experiences. Instead of making the theories and ideas easier so that the students can learn, they bring forward a more bigger  and more complex version so we can be awed. In the end I never learn a thing or rather the only thing I get to learn is how 'good' they are.We must be reminded that the knowledge we really have isn't the one that is flaunted, the knowledge we really have is that which is deep seated in us working it self out as wisdom for others to see in our lives.

The test that we really know is if we are able to explain a particular concept to someone who hasn't heard of it in such a simple way that they understand. That's the point.

I am a christian, and there's always this temptation to make the simple truth of what Jesus has done for every human more complex to those who haven't heard a thing about it . These days I'm learning to ask myself  "Do you really know?"

Cause When I can't make the complex theologies I hear on the pulpit on Sundays understandable to my colleauges on monday. . . I don't really know

When I can't make people around me see how Faith is relevant to the daily activities of life . . .  I don't really know.

When I hide behind big words and spiritual cliches to make it look to others that yes I too make use of a good bible dictionary and concordance. . . I don't really know

This is a call for everyone of us to resist the temptation to hide behind big words and theologies just as a bad professor hides behind vague theorems and formulas. The test that we really know is that we are able to help another know that which we say we know. In what subtle ways have you been hiding? Do you really Know?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

iRecommend Special: Where And How To Get Lots of Music For Free [Legally]

On the 1st of September 2006, Singer/Songwriter and former front man for Caedmon's Call, Derek Webb decided to give out his album The Mockingbird for free on his website. On his next tour, he found out that like never before, people came out to see him perform.. . .

And that, was the birth of a great idea. In May 2007, Derek came together with Mark Nicholas, David McCollum, and Brannon McAllister to form the Noise Trade. A place where Artists can give free music and fans would get it at the cost of nothing.

From Beckah Shae to Kate Herzig to The Vespers, Noise Trade has been a journey of discovery for me. Any time I go on, I find new and fresh music. And you too can always have new and (free) fresh music all for nothing. Visit Noise Trade today. It's a whole new world of discovery. What are you waiting for? Click! But Before you go be nice and leave a comment :)

SideNotes :

  Meet Matt Wertz, from hits like '5:19' and 'I Will Not Take My Love Away'. It's Christmas and Noise Trade is giving away his album "TwentyThree Places" plus a brand new Christmas bonus. Click here to have yourself a Christmas gift . . . Shhhh. . .Let's just say from me to you :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Posture of Surrender

[Image via Pinterest]

I have prayed a thousand times not assuming the posture of surrender.
I’m standing tall and decreeing
A picture comes to mind; Hitler and his comrades.
He issues his command with a stern face; whether they like it or not, they go after their general’s bidding.
I am Hitler sometimes
And  God? I don’t know what I’ve made of Him
Like Jack, I put him in a box
Like Aladdin, I rub my genie in the bottle
But He’s no genie, I better start realizing that

When we come to pray, what have we come to do?
To bow before God or to make God bow before us?
I’m reminded this morn; as I curl up in my place of worship of one truth
Sometimes Hitler’s do have their way but the end isn’t something our world admires.
I don’t want to be known as a God follower by the world and still commanding God in my closet.
I will learn
I will learn how to come boldly and still bowing
Surrendering and still possessing dominion in the places required of me

‘God is a Father’
‘God is a lover’
‘God is a friend’
‘God is a security’
Many things about the Divine comes to mind in this holy position as I put my gaze on his wounded son also planning to shift the scene to him rising gloriously on the third day.
But I’ve learned my lesson from being a commander.  I will hold on to these truths of him and still be ready to move up when I hear his voice calling in the quietness of a sour morning
“Come up yonder my liebling* to see a new part of me you never knew”
It’s the posture of surrender we know these things
It’s in the posture of surrender we realize God isn’t a boring genie
It’s in the posture of surrender we learn what true prayer is about
And if we learn well, we will be long remembered long after Hitler is forgotten.

*Liebling - German for dear one or little one

Question of The Day: When you hear the word prayer what exactly comes to your mind? What practical ways can we remind ourselves of what prayer really is? How can we surrender in the place of prayer and still possess the dominion ascribed to us as Christians? I would love to hear from you :)

* * *
If this blessed you, check out this post I wrote some months back on the same subject

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

iRecommend [Stop The Funeral by Ambassador]

If You Like : Jay Z, David Banner, Tedashii, Wale, and Eminem ( of course his new one 'Recovery')

Alright people, you've got to check this album out. The Ambassador is back and this one is packed. Featuring amazing artist such as Melissa T, KJ 52, Sean Simmonds and the lovely Charmaine ( Remember 'Love Reality'?). In fact Jessica Reedy ( who just released her soulful album 'From The Heart') also appears on a song titled 'Crumbs'.

One of my personal favourite is the 'Worshipful' Your Love on which Michelle Bonilla appears on and the grooved-up 'Up and Down' which features Charmaine. For those who like the 'confident' swagged up rap of Jay Z and the thoughtful punchlines of David Banner, You don't want to miss this. Seriously you don't.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Image from Pinterest

“Tomorrow is 11-11-11” a friend on facebook updated last night. “Make it memorable. This happened last 100 years ago in 1911”

So what to do with a year that happens once in a hundred years? The very thought could just make you break down, I mean you not gonna see this again (at least if you twenty something and aren’t praying the prayers of Methuselah . . . he he he). Now someone please tell what’s memorable about breaking down on a day you have just once in 100 years? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

Today is precious. Following my friend’s advice I want to make it memorable. I want to laugh till it hurts, freeze the moments and hold hands with friends. I want to look back and smile. But isn’t every day meant to be like that? Isn’t everyday one in a hundred years? Oh sorry strike that out. Isn’t everyday once in a lifetime? No day actually repeats itself, come to think of it. Every day is a new gift. 

This is the day that the Lord has MADE . . . . *

The worse thing we can do with days is to assume that since they all have 24 hours we can categorize them as the same. Some dates would repeat itself, but no day would EVER repeat itself.

This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. *

Our job: we have to and must find the joy in each day cause that’s the gift. We have to rejoice. Our Job is our joy!

Did you have a bad day today? Or maybe your yesterdays keep repeating itself. Step out today and make it memorable. It’s 11-11-11 anyway and we have been encouraged to make it memorable cause it occurs once in 100 years. But you could make it memorable by learning to heart today that no day actually repeats itself and everyday is a GIFT!

I dare you to find the Joy in each day henceforth

Do you think everyday has something new, unique and never seen to offer? I would love to read your comments

About The Photo - I just joined Pinterest and woah! so much amazing photos! I found the one above and it simply pierced my heart reminding me that we can always  choose to have a good day even if things aren't going our way :)

P.S. - Many Thanks to Dami O. for sitting over this post with me, re-reading and telling me where my words stunk and it was a makeover, believe me it was. You rock brother :)

* Psalms 118:24

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Danger We Seek When We Ignore The Small Things

I saw the picture above some days back and I was wowed at the catastrophe a comma could avert. Most times we are told in our world the big things make the heads turn but we are always not reminded that it's the small things that keeps the heads in place. Some little things people neglect end up costing them a lot. For example, one that readily comes to mind is dilligently taking care of our bodies and our minds so we don't end up on the doctor's bed.

What little things are you neglecting today? Have you taken time to look beyond now to see what it might cost you? Has making a little or small insignificant decision ever 'saved your life' before? I would love to hear from you  and do have a great week ahead :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dear Artist, One Is A Seed

Image Via Pinterest

You've got to love what you've got
We can't multiply, produce or re-create if we do not love what's in our hands
Five talents for he that has got it
Two for he that has been given it
And you who's got one never try burying it in anger
When we diligently love the little in our hands, our eyes open up to the seed of the plenty that has been placed in it

Are you a creator, artist or writer afraid to offer that you've been given?
You think it really doesn't matter so you hide it somewhere far deep down in your heart from the world and you
What's been given to you matters, if it didn't it wouldn't have been given
We must learn to appreciate the seed in our hands dilligently
No matter how small, no matter how 'negligible'
In doing that we are opening up to others the harvest God has given us to share
Little will be much if you appear daily in the sowing season
Much will be plenty if you keep showing up in and out of seasons
Little will be reduced to nothing if you wait for a fruit before you plant a seed
There's a promise of much in every little
But we must remember
One is a seed

Question of the day: What lures people to bury or hide their giftings and talents? Have you ever felt any of these pressures in your own unique expression? I would love to read your comments :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

iRecommend [Offline Pages]

Now, You don't have to wait for your network coverage or search for that WiFi hotspot before you read your favourite web page or crosscheck that site you visited a week back. Neither do you have to waste that train or flight time on long journey.Welcome Offline pages, a smart app for viewing web pages offline. It's the best thing that could ever happen to your iPad or iPhone. Open it up, View and safe pages and unlike it's contemporaies ( Such as 'Read It Later') You don't need to open up an account. Here are hot opportunities you don't want to miss out on using this app
  • Instant browsing and saving of web pages for later referencing and use   
  • Set app to automatically refresh already saved pages for updates
  • Save links and also embedded media
  • Catalogue your webpages into folders (Just like an e-library) for easy reading
  • Email and send favourite pages to friends and colleagues
  • Mark webpages as 'read' and 'unread' at personal preference
And many more, To get this app from the iTunes App Store You can click here
Or maybe you already have the app, what's your experience been like with it?
And did you find this helpful, be nice leave a comment :)
Till next time on iRecommend


"We cannot achieve our wildest dreams by remaining who we are" - John C. Maxwell

*For more "Quoted" you can subcribed on facebook or via twitter

Monday, October 31, 2011

On Community : Ayo's Journal [A Birthday Special]

 Image via flickr


There is something more powerful than anybody - and that is everybody - Eddy Rickenbacker

3:45 am

August 1


It's morning and almost dawn. I woke up with a sense of nostalgia. Yesterday I came back from a teenage retreat organized by my church. I was a coordinator right there and sincerely miss everyone. It's the summer and most packed their bags for their various summer spots after. Okay, I'm gonna miss each and every one of my guys, I just said that again and sincerely I can't wait till next year when we all are gathered for another.

I'm sitting here listening to Audio Adrenaline's Glory. It's a bit rocky and it's from a CD I got when I left high school. The whole scene this morning gets me wondering how easily we tend to move on after a human contact. Everyone likes to prove 'strong' and fake the ' it's was really nice meeting you but i have moved on since then'. Sometimes we even give it a shrug humming at the end 'i have a life to live'. I remember high school days, I remember college days, I remember my service year. I remember the amazing and beautiful people I met. How I had a chance to pour into their lives and how they sincerely poured into mine too. The laughs, the cries, the worries we shared, the joys we both jumped to. I look back and smile. Now everyone has moved on both emotionally and in fact geographically. But one thing I try for time to time to do is to treasure those times in my heart and not just be cynical about them. I remember this truth from time to time; I cant have a real and sincere life without the people around me.

Dear friends we must remember, people need us and we need them too. Let's learn to freeze the beautiful moments we all have. Some people our paths would never cross again but it's in the moment we release ourselves to draw from the treasure of moments we had together that our paths cross again. And it's does a good thing to us. It clears the room in our hearts to love a little more and respect what it means to be truly human.

It's not that I do these things from time to time. Sometimes if not most I tend to lean to the side of being emotionally frozen but I'm learning too. I'm learning to pick up the phone once in while to send a big electric smile. I'm learning to retell a story of how an old friend helped me through a very hard time to a new friend. I'm learning to appreciate from day to day the various beautiful people I have come across my entire life. And I invite you to do the same. Though it might get us tender at first but we should remember this ' We can't have a real and sincere life without the people around us'.

The little lessons I have been learning about the importance of community has spurred this up. Finally I would like to give a big shout out to everyone I went to high school with, everyone I went to college with, everyone I did the national service with, in fact everyone I did primary school with, I sure remember you too. A big thank you for the joy days. It was a privilege sharing life with you. And lastly, to my church youth group, I sure have a date this time next year. I cover my eyes as I say this but I might just say it, I might as well be packing for the next retreat. It's a great privilege sharing life with you. :D


October 31

That was some months back. And today my birthday, as I look over the last year of my life, one of the many lessons I've learnt is 'not neglecting community'. People are important. This past year for me was a redefinition of why I am here. I had to make lot's of HARD choices, and serious my back still pains. LOL! I also had to say lots of nos and turn down lots of good things.

I'm grateful to God, my Sustenance who keeps leading me into all I need to be and learn  per time. I'm also thankful for friends who don't think I'm a monster for forgetting and not calling them on their own birthdays ( cause, really I'm not one) LOL! .  I'm wide-eyed and expectant for the year ahead. I hear romance and travel. Did you just raise a brow? There's a time for everything and it's beautiful when you wait for your time, oh yes it is. And yes, lots of writing still and some personal projects I would be embarking on.

And also to my readers, it's been a privilege. You are one of the many reasons I'm here.

This year expect the unexpected, God can do more than we can ever imagine. A little exercise: Pause, Imagine the best you can for yourself . . .  are you through? Where you stopped is where God starts! Lean your entire being on Him. Trust in Him


If I had it to do all over again,
I'd get help
If you make it to the top alone,
then you didn't climb averyhigh hill - John C. Maxwell

Question of the day: What are your thoughts on community? How important are other people from your point of view? Would love to read your comments :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

iRecommend [Not Myself Anymore by Jessa Anderson]

If You Like : Taylor Swift, Cold Play, Maroon 5, Jill Phillips, Ashlee Simpsons, Anadara, Avril Lavinge (Her First Album 'Let Go' )

I got Jessa Anderson's Music some weeks back when I first read a review about it @ but didn't listen to it until yesterday. Jessa's Music is pure awesomeness! No two words better describe. The creativity of the songwriting would spark up imagination and the depth would pierce your heart. The music is so enjoyable, reflective and easy to listen to. And the lyrics sincere, heart-felt and honest.

You might not be a fan of this genre but sincerely this is different and it would inspire you. As I kept listening over and over again last night, I kept saying to myself  "This lady has a story to tell", And yes she does. 'Not Myself Anymore' is an invitation to listen to the storytelling of Jessa and her inspiring, creative and easy to listen-to music.

For more info, you can follow the artist on Twitter and Facebook 
You can also visit her website by clicking here

Till next time on iRecommend always remember,

" We'll take our chances on a big dream. Never won over by a sure thing. No longer run for cover ,hiding. We're moving on. Been underestimated by them. Told we were never gonna' make it. Without our ticket to what they have. But we're moving on. . .  " - Jessa Anderson (From the song 'Moving On')

Monday, October 24, 2011

Behind The Scenes

[Image by Chelsie Carolyn ]
 ‘She can’t get caught unless the writer wrote it that way’ I said to myself as I moved to the edge of my seat shaking. The tension was building and it wasn’t just in the movie I was watching but also in the room I was watching from. The protagonist in the story I was watching was being chased down by a killer. Near and miss, near miss, very near then the killer misses. You know the suspense bend and turns every action/thriller flick takes us through. It was so real, sometimes I found myself almost screaming for her. I was almost losing it till I reminded myself, this story was written and it was by someone. She can’t get caught unless the writer wrote it that way.
* * *

All the days ordained for me were written in your book - Psalm 139:16
* * *
That is a one writer story. I live in a two - writer story. The other writer isn’t really a writer, He is Satan and He is evil. His first tactic is to make the characters in this grand story believe he does not exist. Most do believe that lie and cast the blame on God for not writing for them a good story. God who is the true Author of this story is good. Everything that emanates from him is also good. He has made so many moves since this story began and the most powerful was to be crucified by characters in this story on a wooden cross as a man named Jesus. This was a costly move but it had to be done because of the Author’s love for us. This has established a boundary and invitation for as many as receive Him through Jesus to come into his story and live out his good handwritings.
God planned for us to do good things and to live as he has always wanted us to live. That’s why he sent Christ to make us what we are – Ephesians 2:10 (CEV)
I am in God’s story. I am living redemption’s story.  God is writing and sometimes I marvel at the twists and turns. I would be honest, sometimes it feels like I’m all alone and my author’s has let me to the devourers and enemies. Sometimes they are coming so close and the tension is building, then He shows up suddenly and delivers. I believe He writes well. When He’s the one writing our story, the evil that flies around can’t get or harm us cause He’s good and He writes good stories.
If you are in a place of so much pain and hard questions rather than blaming God for evil receive what he has done through Jesus His son. It's an invitation to be a part of the God story which has an happy ending. And if you are a believer, Please keep hope (the expectation of good) alive. God, the writer of your story is good (Want a prove of that? look at the cross) please keep your faith (Firm reliance and trust) in Him strong.
"What is our story if there are no forces painting facts against the truth that God ( who is the Author) is good? He has proven his goodness and love by coming into the story as a character named Jesus. He has shown us his wounds so that we need not suffer any more wounds. We blame because we cannot see the drama going on behind the scenes"
Question of The day:  Have there been events in your life that made you question the goodness of God? How did you move beyond that to a place of firm believe that all he does is good or what made you think otherwise?
" Our faith is an holy reminder . . . Not only to us but also to the forces of darkness. . .  'Look at this ones. On them is the blood. We have no right to lay our hands. His blood speaks for them' they whispered as they passed over . .  ."  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


[Image by Getty]

There would be seasons

There would be seasons you would have to wear the same tarred clothes for a long time

And walk in old shoes till they are due to have holes

Don't worry He would keep you

And Don't worry if the holes do not appear

There would be seasons you would be like a channel, you just can't store anything for the future

Somehow the future comes and you are replenished

You have enough to feed your household

There is no plenty but you are not empty

There's joy and enough food on the table

Sometimes we need to live like the sojourner that we are to remind ourselves that our God is faithful

When we trust him even when we wear the same clothes for a hundred years, they don't grow old

When we trust him even when we wear the same shoes for a thousand, they don't have holes

When we trust him even when we have nothing in our store houses at night we need not worry about breakfast

With the dawning of a new day he would rain enough manna for us and our household

The beauty of these moments

The beauty of these seasons is the beauty that springs forth in our souls

We are truly beautiful once again

Like how it was meant to be, we can't do without him in the 'evenings' once more
We trust

We long for his presence

We stop the 'Gomer' parade and find our rootings like cedars of Lebanon in the One by which we've been named

And somehow that's all we need

For a world that nothing in it remains when all is said and done

His presence sustains

P.S. - This day, my heart goes out to everyone (reading this) who is in a hard place. There might not be enough in the storehouse but look at the breakfast table. He has been faithful. Say 'Thank You'.


'Don't keep' I heard

'Take enough for you and your family'

'Eat and be merry'

Some kept it till the next day and there were worms at their table

(to be contd.)


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