Friday, November 25, 2011

Posture of Surrender

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I have prayed a thousand times not assuming the posture of surrender.
I’m standing tall and decreeing
A picture comes to mind; Hitler and his comrades.
He issues his command with a stern face; whether they like it or not, they go after their general’s bidding.
I am Hitler sometimes
And  God? I don’t know what I’ve made of Him
Like Jack, I put him in a box
Like Aladdin, I rub my genie in the bottle
But He’s no genie, I better start realizing that

When we come to pray, what have we come to do?
To bow before God or to make God bow before us?
I’m reminded this morn; as I curl up in my place of worship of one truth
Sometimes Hitler’s do have their way but the end isn’t something our world admires.
I don’t want to be known as a God follower by the world and still commanding God in my closet.
I will learn
I will learn how to come boldly and still bowing
Surrendering and still possessing dominion in the places required of me

‘God is a Father’
‘God is a lover’
‘God is a friend’
‘God is a security’
Many things about the Divine comes to mind in this holy position as I put my gaze on his wounded son also planning to shift the scene to him rising gloriously on the third day.
But I’ve learned my lesson from being a commander.  I will hold on to these truths of him and still be ready to move up when I hear his voice calling in the quietness of a sour morning
“Come up yonder my liebling* to see a new part of me you never knew”
It’s the posture of surrender we know these things
It’s in the posture of surrender we realize God isn’t a boring genie
It’s in the posture of surrender we learn what true prayer is about
And if we learn well, we will be long remembered long after Hitler is forgotten.

*Liebling - German for dear one or little one

Question of The Day: When you hear the word prayer what exactly comes to your mind? What practical ways can we remind ourselves of what prayer really is? How can we surrender in the place of prayer and still possess the dominion ascribed to us as Christians? I would love to hear from you :)

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