Friday, November 11, 2011


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“Tomorrow is 11-11-11” a friend on facebook updated last night. “Make it memorable. This happened last 100 years ago in 1911”

So what to do with a year that happens once in a hundred years? The very thought could just make you break down, I mean you not gonna see this again (at least if you twenty something and aren’t praying the prayers of Methuselah . . . he he he). Now someone please tell what’s memorable about breaking down on a day you have just once in 100 years? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

Today is precious. Following my friend’s advice I want to make it memorable. I want to laugh till it hurts, freeze the moments and hold hands with friends. I want to look back and smile. But isn’t every day meant to be like that? Isn’t everyday one in a hundred years? Oh sorry strike that out. Isn’t everyday once in a lifetime? No day actually repeats itself, come to think of it. Every day is a new gift. 

This is the day that the Lord has MADE . . . . *

The worse thing we can do with days is to assume that since they all have 24 hours we can categorize them as the same. Some dates would repeat itself, but no day would EVER repeat itself.

This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. *

Our job: we have to and must find the joy in each day cause that’s the gift. We have to rejoice. Our Job is our joy!

Did you have a bad day today? Or maybe your yesterdays keep repeating itself. Step out today and make it memorable. It’s 11-11-11 anyway and we have been encouraged to make it memorable cause it occurs once in 100 years. But you could make it memorable by learning to heart today that no day actually repeats itself and everyday is a GIFT!

I dare you to find the Joy in each day henceforth

Do you think everyday has something new, unique and never seen to offer? I would love to read your comments

About The Photo - I just joined Pinterest and woah! so much amazing photos! I found the one above and it simply pierced my heart reminding me that we can always  choose to have a good day even if things aren't going our way :)

P.S. - Many Thanks to Dami O. for sitting over this post with me, re-reading and telling me where my words stunk and it was a makeover, believe me it was. You rock brother :)

* Psalms 118:24


  1. Sometimes I fear that if I really let myself embrace the truth that every single day is a gift, a unique offering, a span of time in which we each make thousands of choices....

    ...that if I let myself really, deeply consider that truth I'd be overwhelmed.

    This 11/11 is a favorite, though. It's my grandson's birthday. He turned one. And my cousin gained a second grandbaby, another little girl, on this 11/11/11.

  2. Hi Sheila, It's so good to hear from you here. So true, The very thought that every single day is a unique offering can be overwhelming but isn't it the same of the love of God who in fact is the one offering the uniqueness in each new day. . . His mercies are new every morning Sheila. . . And you have been an encouraging and real 'cyber' friend. Thank you :)
    A Happy birthday to the your lovely grandbabies for me. I pray the grow in His 'overwhelming' love (Amen)



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