Saturday, November 26, 2011

iRecommend Special: Where And How To Get Lots of Music For Free [Legally]

On the 1st of September 2006, Singer/Songwriter and former front man for Caedmon's Call, Derek Webb decided to give out his album The Mockingbird for free on his website. On his next tour, he found out that like never before, people came out to see him perform.. . .

And that, was the birth of a great idea. In May 2007, Derek came together with Mark Nicholas, David McCollum, and Brannon McAllister to form the Noise Trade. A place where Artists can give free music and fans would get it at the cost of nothing.

From Beckah Shae to Kate Herzig to The Vespers, Noise Trade has been a journey of discovery for me. Any time I go on, I find new and fresh music. And you too can always have new and (free) fresh music all for nothing. Visit Noise Trade today. It's a whole new world of discovery. What are you waiting for? Click! But Before you go be nice and leave a comment :)

SideNotes :

  Meet Matt Wertz, from hits like '5:19' and 'I Will Not Take My Love Away'. It's Christmas and Noise Trade is giving away his album "TwentyThree Places" plus a brand new Christmas bonus. Click here to have yourself a Christmas gift . . . Shhhh. . .Let's just say from me to you :)

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