Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dear Artist, One Is A Seed

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You've got to love what you've got
We can't multiply, produce or re-create if we do not love what's in our hands
Five talents for he that has got it
Two for he that has been given it
And you who's got one never try burying it in anger
When we diligently love the little in our hands, our eyes open up to the seed of the plenty that has been placed in it

Are you a creator, artist or writer afraid to offer that you've been given?
You think it really doesn't matter so you hide it somewhere far deep down in your heart from the world and you
What's been given to you matters, if it didn't it wouldn't have been given
We must learn to appreciate the seed in our hands dilligently
No matter how small, no matter how 'negligible'
In doing that we are opening up to others the harvest God has given us to share
Little will be much if you appear daily in the sowing season
Much will be plenty if you keep showing up in and out of seasons
Little will be reduced to nothing if you wait for a fruit before you plant a seed
There's a promise of much in every little
But we must remember
One is a seed

Question of the day: What lures people to bury or hide their giftings and talents? Have you ever felt any of these pressures in your own unique expression? I would love to read your comments :)

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