Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How We Really Know Those Who Don't Really Know

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Just a thought. . .

I've been thinking about what it means to know and if I'm not sure about a number of things, I'm sure of this: to know is to be able to help somone to know too.

Now I'm not playing with words but seriously I have had my share of teachers who appear before the class and flaunt their knowledge and experiences. Instead of making the theories and ideas easier so that the students can learn, they bring forward a more bigger  and more complex version so we can be awed. In the end I never learn a thing or rather the only thing I get to learn is how 'good' they are.We must be reminded that the knowledge we really have isn't the one that is flaunted, the knowledge we really have is that which is deep seated in us working it self out as wisdom for others to see in our lives.

The test that we really know is if we are able to explain a particular concept to someone who hasn't heard of it in such a simple way that they understand. That's the point.

I am a christian, and there's always this temptation to make the simple truth of what Jesus has done for every human more complex to those who haven't heard a thing about it . These days I'm learning to ask myself  "Do you really know?"

Cause When I can't make the complex theologies I hear on the pulpit on Sundays understandable to my colleauges on monday. . . I don't really know

When I can't make people around me see how Faith is relevant to the daily activities of life . . .  I don't really know.

When I hide behind big words and spiritual cliches to make it look to others that yes I too make use of a good bible dictionary and concordance. . . I don't really know

This is a call for everyone of us to resist the temptation to hide behind big words and theologies just as a bad professor hides behind vague theorems and formulas. The test that we really know is that we are able to help another know that which we say we know. In what subtle ways have you been hiding? Do you really Know?

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