Saturday, June 6, 2009

Perceptions #1

What do you do with a bad day?
Throw it away?
Forget about it?
Laugh about it?
Call a pity party?
Throw a party to help you end it by tagging it a ' good ' day?
Really what do you do with a bad day?
Truth be told bad days are next to unavoidable
Sometimes they come due to our negligence in preparing for the day ahead.
They could also be as a result of a chain of events that may have been kicked off in the past by us or others.
They might be as a result of circumstances beyond our control.
Whichever way our way our bad day comes about, it usually leaves us with a question on our mind which is 'why really is this happening'
You have the answer already!
It's happening so you wouldn't have such a day again
It's happening so you can learn
It's happening so you can become a little wiser
A litter smarter
A little braver for the times ahead
The truth is a bad day is a good day in disguise
It good in the sense that it's a trainer.
We could look at it as a day to train us for the challenges ahead
Two painters where once asked to depict peace or calmness in a painting.
One painted a house in a garden. Green grass, serene environment.
The other painted a lake looking still and unperturbed in the midst of a storm evading the forest in which the lake was situated.
Which of them do you think depicted peace most with his painting.
I tell you, it's the later.
Even in the storm the lake could still retain it's calmness.
What really I'm I trying to say.
If everyday was an easy day, how would we show the world what we are made of.
How would we show the world a serenity that passes all understanding, the kind depicted by the second painter.
Even a bad day can work out for our good!
Yes it can.
Let's make everyday count good or bad.
Let's choose to say' hey,it's a good day' even if things ain't going our way.
Remember a 'bad day' is a good day in disguise.
It depends on how we see it.
Our perception.

-- Post From My iPhone

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Gratitude

'thanks' I say
'thanks' again I say
Not to flatter you but appreciate your unappreciable deed
It's beyond words
In finding words in my heart to express,
I am left mute
Not that I am not thankful
But on the contrary, I can't find the words to qualify all you've done
Adjectives would sound ineffective
Statements would be no statement at all
I stand still
The 'thank you's rushing out from every pore of my skin
My lips vibrate gratefulness
I am thankful
What more can I say
I am thankful
Words can't express
I am thankful
My actions cannot do it all
I am thankful
My heart sings
It sing a tune of gratitude
A gratitude words can't express
A gratitude so profound
My inexpressible gratitude to you
You deserve it all

-- Post From My iPhone


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