Monday, July 22, 2013

This Is Your Moment. [Don't Break Glass]

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When there's blood and pain and ache and tears. 
When it doesn't just seem hard but it's hard. 
When you're shouting at your wall and almost breaking glass. Hiding and telling your friends 'sorry I can't make it to that party' cause your eyes are red and swollen and NO, it can't be mistaken for make-up or a new colored  tattoo. 
When you scream 'why me?' to no one in particular, muttering 'this can't be happening to me' every nano second. Now that's the moment.

That's the moment you were born for cause it amplifies your true purpose, potential and super "giftedness".

If fighters never had a fight, how will they be named?
If soldiers never had a war, what will they be called?
Cause in the darkest places is when we can be light best.

In the toughest places is when we can show forth what we're made of.
And it's in the fire is when we can be the miracle baby and say after the day 'today, I walked through fire and did not get burnt'

Cause friend, you are a warrior, don't you know. You are more than a fighter didn't you realize. You were put on this battle ground because He believes in you.
You can, you can, it's no motivation, it's the truth. The truth about you.

So before you break glass, un-clench your fist and break fear. The moment you want to run from is the moment you were made for. So don't run. Stand and fight. Be here. Be totally here. Don't medicate.Like the heroes in our movies, conflict is climax. We are at the edge of our seats for that moment they get to face the bad guy. It's usually towards the end and everything that happened at the beginning points to this very point. 

Hero, yes you, do you feel like a Hero at all? But what if your reality was a dream and your dream is your true reality? What if? What if you woke strong and brought to life all that's been placed within you? What if you start now? Don't break glass, break fear.
Warrior, winner, fighter, overcomer, conqueror, those names aren't just fashion labels, they are who you are. The stage is set, climb. We are clapping cause we know you already won.
Yes this is your moment. 

Remind yourself you're a winner when you feel like a loser.
Don't break glass, break fear.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sea. [When You Love Your Reflection]

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I'm currently standing at the sea and I can't see the end. Is this a mirror of something?
Cause in the first place the sea is like a mirror, I look down I see myself, I look up I can't see the end.

You see, we see ourselves a lot and that we are comfortable with but we are like ships finding our way and what we really want is to see the end, the destination, where we are going. 

I want to see the end. I'm told to look down and see myself but my reflection is not enough for me. I need something more. We are cajoled and told to believe in ourselves, to tap into some inner power, to find the best in ourselves without looking up . . . but it's like looking down, just looking down. We want to see the end of the sea but we sometimes deceive ourselves that the end of the sea is our reflection.

The end is definitely not our reflection. The threshold living power we need to live above what we've termed as normal cannot be found in our own archives. In fact, it's scientifically unbelievable and the equation isn't balanced. There is power and always less emphasis placed on looking up and I wonder.

This is a journey and we can't keep looking down. It's okay to look down sometimes to see who we are becoming as we look up. Its okay to look down to see if there's blood in the waters. But our eyes are for the end even though we can't see the end.

The sea is a mirror but it is also a road.
Look up, look on. 
We want a mirror but sometimes all we need is a road cause what we really are is yet to be revealed.

Look up, look on. 
Boats turn over when sailors look down.
The sea you are on would tempt you to make a mirror out of it but please be strong and let it be the road it is.
Please. Look up and look on.
I have to go now, the rain is coming.

When you love your reflection, you struggle with criticism and discernment. When you fix your eyes on Christ, you become loving and wise. - Michael DiMarco

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Visiting.

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There is something about the visiting, the continual showing up and meeting together as friends even when you have nothing to discuss. It is the secret tip on how the secrets slip out. It is how bonds are formed and how you know the real nakedness.

I was once a bad friend. I was once a friend who wanted to know all the details in one day and we humans were never made that way, to open all at once. To try to know a friend at the first meeting is like telling them "Hey you, you are simpler than college maths. That took me four years to understand, you will take me just one day". We can't know the details in one day. We humans are like an erratic flame that needs to be fanned, like a barren ground that should be watered continuously because of the hope that one day it would yield. We never know the day so we keep pouring in water, we keep showing up, we stay faithful to the visiting.

The visiting can reveal a lot of things, terrible and beautiful ones. I know a girl who discovered her lover was not who he claimed to be in the visiting and called off the wedding that was near. I know another who discovered the brokenness of a said to be "perfect" friend and this made the bond so much stronger, all in the visiting.

You can't know a human in a day, it takes time and the visiting is a way of investing time. It happens in the small talks, little chit chats, suddenly you hear without asking where they were before they got here and how hard it was, the pain and how they almost collapsed and let go. All of a sudden, you witness the weirdness and idiosyncrasies they've successfully covered up with poise, make-up and learned PR skills.

We will have friendships we might never know their purposes till sometimes in the future. Some have lost these vital relationships all in the name of "defining the relationships" even when its still forming like a fetus in the womb but I beg to differ. I am faithful to the visiting. I will show up with love and a big heart. Even if it seems messy I will hold your hand and say  "one day we will know where this is going but for now let's know each other." It only happens in the visiting.


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