Monday, January 18, 2010


You have a plan
I see your plan
I don’t qualify
Images of the future you showed before I even started out on this journey
Now you brighten them up with colors
Maybe then I could have believed them
But now, I don’t
Cause now I don’t qualify
I have taken wrong routes
And where I am now I don’t even see on the map
I come to you waiting to see whether you have another option
A plan B maybe
Somehow that would at least make up for my wrong choices
A substitute plan
But still you show me that BIG PICTURE
I’m saying in my heart
‘Plan A is not possible, can’t you see that Dear God’
‘My plan is possible; you should start seeing that dear child’
But I’m not qualified!
Not that I mean to reject your plan but how can it be?
Look I have trailed off your path set before me in so many ways
Then just at that point it dawns on me
You are God
And I’m not
You are the maker of the path
I am the follower of the path
Who are you not to say that anything is possible?
Who am I to say something is impossible
I better stop switching parts
I better stop playing roles
I better stop playing ‘God’
I better throw away the ego
I better start humbling myself under your mighty hand that I might be lifted up by in due season
I better stop
And I better start completing my statements with grace before you the Almighty
So I rephrase
Who am I to qualify for your plan?
And who am I to say I don’t qualify?

P.S.- For those who seek second chances to start over again. it's never too late to begin a new life. And you would be surprised that it will be the best you've ever had :)


I saw a picture of you yesterday
All it did was remind me that you were gone and far away
Now standing in this pouring rain and looking beyond
I can see you on the horizon
Time and changes would so drift us apart
It’s hard but it’s true
You are far away
Faraway doesn’t mean you are not near
Your legacy is imprinted over all I see
But all I wish I said
All I wish you heard
All of our differences
I just wished we settled on a middle ground
Now you are far away
But still far away doesn’t mean you are not near
But now that I say you are near
I’m still missing you


Not just to . . . . . .
Not just to gain the whole world
Not just to lose my soul
Not just to . . . . . .
It don’t make sense
To gain the whole world and not gain soul
That is meaningless
To gain soul is gain
You got the whole world in your hands
If I gained the world worlds without gaining you
I simply gained nothing
I gained nothing for something
But you spell it backwards
I would gain something for nothing
Not just to. . . . .
Without you, there’s no gain
Without you, there’s no aim
When you are the aim
Then there is gain
It’s no game
There might be pain
Even in the rain
But you are gain
Not just to. . . .
I rather lose the world and gain my soul


What would I write about you that won’t be stained with my tears?
I have written for you all long
Written my heart on paper
Wondering one day, maybe it would get to you
Mama always told me to put pen to paper
‘It eases the pain’ she would say
But how hard is it to face the fact that my paper heart would never get to you
I heard you are far away
Far beyond my reach
At least far beyond my physical reach
And far beyond the physical
My messages keep dropping in the inevitable sea separating us
I hope I kept them in a bottle
But for now, this I would do
I would face the facts
If as I heard that truly you are far away
I will keep it in my heart that you are in a better place
But if you are near like you’ve always been ‘near’
I will say a prayer anytime a memory of you slips by for the one who holds the whole universe in his hands to bring you back safely
In the time being
I will keep writing my paper heart to you
Making sure I keep them in a bottle
And like messages in a bottle
I would pray that the winds and waves of life guide them safely to you

PS: For those who look for their loved ones.


Sometimes like now I don’t have anything to say
Your awesomeness diminishes my complains about life
I dare not try to
I’m at a loss for words
It starts with the guilt of how ungrateful I have been even in the midst of the storms
How often I forget your sovereignty that guides me through the storm unscathed
How I forget that you are king over the storms
How I forget that you give boundaries to the extent the storms of life can rage
Even though I might have lost all, I haven’t lost it all
Faith. Checked!
Hope. Checked!
Character. Checked!
Every other I might have lost
But surprisingly these three are still intact
I’m so grateful
I’d be a fool not to praise you through the storms
The king of the storm and more deserves all of my praise
Hands raised before you
Silenced by your sovereignty
Sometimes like now I don’t have anything to say
But sometimes like now all I have to say is ‘Thank you’

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Can we grow old together
We would dance and play
We would remember the days
Maybe today
We would laugh
We would laugh a lot
At the beauty of gray and wrinkles
At the beauty of time well spent together
We would try to do the things our bodies would not allow us to do anymore
We would try long walks on the beach
Talking about all that has gone by
We would revisit dinner dates again
Me in my tux
You in your ‘D gown’
We would try the cinema again
We would race back in time with ‘need for speed’ or ‘Grand tourismo 4’
Whichever you pick
Maybe by then you would be able to beat me in the game
We would break the doctor’s rule with a bowl of ice cream and popcorn on our balcony together
We would try ‘Sawamas’ if you are still interested
We could even see ‘a time to remember’ again in a cinema on a December
We would have children and grand children
They would laugh out loud at us
And we laugh out loud at them too
They would wonder why
We would reply ‘yeah, one day you are coming our way too’
It would be fun
Let’s grow old together
Can we?
Now the fun depends on you
And you are holding back all the fun
Say yes and let the fun begin!


Mad money makes you mad
It comes in a rush and it ends in a rush
It earns you the rep and it puts you in debt
It gets you the cars and it leaves you with scars
It gets in your way cause you got in its way
That’s simple and true, let’s not deny that truth
Gleaning the wise sayings of the wisest man who ever live. . . .
Money . . . makes the world go around. (ecc 10:19)

that’s so true and I’m sure you have noticed that
but still. . .

The one who loves money is never satisfied with money, Nor the one who loves wealth with big profits.. . .. (ecc 5:10)

Is that speaking to you? But we aren’t there yet….

A sterling reputation is better than striking it rich; a gracious spirit is better than money in the bank. (prov 22:1)

Let’s face the fact, dubious money is dubious! . . . . .

Buy truth--don't sell it for love or money; buy wisdom, buy education, buy insight. (pro 23:23)

Need some good clean money? Then mad money is no deal at all. . . . .

Prefer my life-disciplines over chasing after money, and God-knowledge over a lucrative career.(pro 8:10)
To get money, get wisdom (honestly it saves you from mad money). .....
Get wisdom--it's worth more than money; choose insight over income every time.
Wisdom is better when it's paired with money, Especially if you get both while you're still living. (pro 16:16)
To get wisdom, get God
Like we learnt in Sunday school
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. (james 1:5)

What are you waiting for?
Better start moving your lips to ask
Me already doing that
Cause me don’t want any mad money coming my way . . . . LOL.


Mountain of struggles
Why art thou in my path?
I’m just asking me
You have no life to answer me
Mountain of struggles in my path
I would climb you to a higher ground
Since you wouldn’t bulge
I can bulge
Since you wouldn’t change
Maybe I can change
Mountain of struggles in my path
You do one thing good amidst this struggles
You help me look up
I try to look at your peak
But all I see is the blue sky meant for me to soar
You call me for a climb
A climb to your peak
Then I would be on top of you
‘The greater the obstacles
The greater the success’
Now I see that
Now I see you’ve been placed in my path to make me stronger
Not otherwise
I see the wisdom in it now
For the fools you are a stumbling block
For the wise a stepping stone
For the fools
An excuse not to fulfill destiny
For the wise
An Indication that destiny must be fulfill
You are not blocking my path
You are only pointing out the path
Thanks but no thanks
I’m not staying here
You call me for a climb still
I see the blue skies waiting for me to soar
Climb and soar
Let the climbing begin


Like as ship on a sea
Our faith sails on
You most high are the captain of the ship
You are able to navigate through your seas of time
You know the path in a sea I’ve never travelled
You’re the Way that shows the way where there seems to be no way
Compass for the journey called life
Man is a directionless fool without you
He gropes in the dark he finds himself without reaching forth for the light
And you are the light
The light come to save men from a numbing darkness
Like a ship on a sea we sail on
I sail with Jesus
I am rest assured
I sail with you
I am sure I am insured
I sail with the Carpenter who is also into the business of repairing broken down ships broken by the storms of life
I will hold my peace in a piece
I sail with the Manufacturer of the weather and climate of life
And You oh Lord are still King over the storm
Like a ship on the sea
We sail
Waves of doubts on the open seas
You can shield me from them
Billows of sorrows at deadly horizons
You know how to take care of them
Sharks that cause pain in the deep blue sea
I have the Balm of Gilead to soothe ‘em all
Like a ship
With You, ‘shipwreck’s are not words found in this dictionary called ‘life’
Like a ship
My faith is the ship
The Lord of the earth is the Captain of this ship
I have a duty of saying ‘yes’ to You
Like a ship on the sea
You are the captain
You are the destination
You are the path
You are so many things on this journey
The maker of the ship
The keeper of the ship
The destination of the ship
Even the safety I need to get to You
Let’s sail on like a ship on a sea
And I promise a ‘yes’ all the way


Sad smile in a million faces
It’s not your fault that you are different
You are just different
Don’t wait till they accept you
Accept yourself
Maybe then they would accept you for who you are
Sad smile
Put on a bright smile!


Every thought, a thought of you
You’re in my heart
You’re in my head
Like a carousel, You keep me spinning around
Unlike a carousel, we gain grounds
Together in this crazy fun
You’re in my thoughts
You’re in my oughts
You love me
I’m loving you
You love for no reason
I’m loving you cause you first loved me
Like a carousel, you keep spinning me around
You are the center point
Everything and me revolves around You here
You are the center
Everything in between
You are the ceiling
You are the ground
And everything in between
You ‘mess’ me up with this love
‘Mesmerized’ might be a better word
I’m amazed by your maze of grace
There’s enough for the race
You are in my heart
You’re still in my head
Every thought is still a thought of You
Every move in favour of you
In my heart
In my head
Song of my Soul
Everything in between
My Ever after
And my everything in between
Every thought
A thought of You
Every ought
I ought to do for You


City on a hill
You are a trace of hope to the lost traveler
Your light pierces this present darkness
They see it and reckon it not
They see it
They wouldn’t deny that
They see it but for some they don’t have the empowerment to comprehend it
They see it but for some they have fallen in love with the darkness
Lighthouse of the world
The world is a dark place
Those who see and not just look with their eyes see it
Your light tells a story of grace and free mercy
Help the simple ones understand
Pray the hard at heart relax for some grace juice
Perhaps emphasize that it’s for free
In fact they receive interest and grants of laying down an heavier load of self and obsession and picking up a lighter load of love and sacrifice
It would all be worth it
Ponder not on the heavy stones of rejection they throw at your glass lighthouse
It’s evidence that you’ve been built to last
Hold not back the Light
Shine on with intensity
Shine with great strength
They wait
They long
They grope
They hope
They hope against hope
They grope in the darkness like a man searching for a way out in the darkest of haunted houses
They long as the adventurous deer longs the water brooks for refuge from the enemy
They wait . . .
They wait like no comparison
I hear the cries of their waiting
City on a hill
Lighthouse of the world
Now is not the time for a breakdown
Shine on!
They wait for the light


Set yourself free
Tell the world who you are
You’ve hid behind the covers of personality for too long
Let them see the real you
Set a standard
You have an obligation to make the world a better place with what’s in you
With what’s hidden in you hidden
You make the world not a better place
With what’s hidden in you given
No limits is your limit
The easiest you can do is be yourself
The hardest you can do is putting on another’s shoes
They hurt so badly
Ask Cinderella’s step sisters
The best you can do is Live the life
Thereby making the world a better place
Be you
The whole world screams it
Not in that they want you to be you
It’s in that they long for a better place
‘You’ is a gift to the world
Don’t rob us all of this gift
Be you
I can’t wait for you to be ‘You’
Even the whole world waits
Don’t mind them if they roll their eyes at ‘You’
They are just fronting
Be ‘You’
And when you are ‘You’
Become a better you


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