Monday, January 18, 2010


Sometimes like now I don’t have anything to say
Your awesomeness diminishes my complains about life
I dare not try to
I’m at a loss for words
It starts with the guilt of how ungrateful I have been even in the midst of the storms
How often I forget your sovereignty that guides me through the storm unscathed
How I forget that you are king over the storms
How I forget that you give boundaries to the extent the storms of life can rage
Even though I might have lost all, I haven’t lost it all
Faith. Checked!
Hope. Checked!
Character. Checked!
Every other I might have lost
But surprisingly these three are still intact
I’m so grateful
I’d be a fool not to praise you through the storms
The king of the storm and more deserves all of my praise
Hands raised before you
Silenced by your sovereignty
Sometimes like now I don’t have anything to say
But sometimes like now all I have to say is ‘Thank you’

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