Monday, January 18, 2010


What would I write about you that won’t be stained with my tears?
I have written for you all long
Written my heart on paper
Wondering one day, maybe it would get to you
Mama always told me to put pen to paper
‘It eases the pain’ she would say
But how hard is it to face the fact that my paper heart would never get to you
I heard you are far away
Far beyond my reach
At least far beyond my physical reach
And far beyond the physical
My messages keep dropping in the inevitable sea separating us
I hope I kept them in a bottle
But for now, this I would do
I would face the facts
If as I heard that truly you are far away
I will keep it in my heart that you are in a better place
But if you are near like you’ve always been ‘near’
I will say a prayer anytime a memory of you slips by for the one who holds the whole universe in his hands to bring you back safely
In the time being
I will keep writing my paper heart to you
Making sure I keep them in a bottle
And like messages in a bottle
I would pray that the winds and waves of life guide them safely to you

PS: For those who look for their loved ones.

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