Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Mountain of struggles
Why art thou in my path?
I’m just asking me
You have no life to answer me
Mountain of struggles in my path
I would climb you to a higher ground
Since you wouldn’t bulge
I can bulge
Since you wouldn’t change
Maybe I can change
Mountain of struggles in my path
You do one thing good amidst this struggles
You help me look up
I try to look at your peak
But all I see is the blue sky meant for me to soar
You call me for a climb
A climb to your peak
Then I would be on top of you
‘The greater the obstacles
The greater the success’
Now I see that
Now I see you’ve been placed in my path to make me stronger
Not otherwise
I see the wisdom in it now
For the fools you are a stumbling block
For the wise a stepping stone
For the fools
An excuse not to fulfill destiny
For the wise
An Indication that destiny must be fulfill
You are not blocking my path
You are only pointing out the path
Thanks but no thanks
I’m not staying here
You call me for a climb still
I see the blue skies waiting for me to soar
Climb and soar
Let the climbing begin

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