Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Like as ship on a sea
Our faith sails on
You most high are the captain of the ship
You are able to navigate through your seas of time
You know the path in a sea I’ve never travelled
You’re the Way that shows the way where there seems to be no way
Compass for the journey called life
Man is a directionless fool without you
He gropes in the dark he finds himself without reaching forth for the light
And you are the light
The light come to save men from a numbing darkness
Like a ship on a sea we sail on
I sail with Jesus
I am rest assured
I sail with you
I am sure I am insured
I sail with the Carpenter who is also into the business of repairing broken down ships broken by the storms of life
I will hold my peace in a piece
I sail with the Manufacturer of the weather and climate of life
And You oh Lord are still King over the storm
Like a ship on the sea
We sail
Waves of doubts on the open seas
You can shield me from them
Billows of sorrows at deadly horizons
You know how to take care of them
Sharks that cause pain in the deep blue sea
I have the Balm of Gilead to soothe ‘em all
Like a ship
With You, ‘shipwreck’s are not words found in this dictionary called ‘life’
Like a ship
My faith is the ship
The Lord of the earth is the Captain of this ship
I have a duty of saying ‘yes’ to You
Like a ship on the sea
You are the captain
You are the destination
You are the path
You are so many things on this journey
The maker of the ship
The keeper of the ship
The destination of the ship
Even the safety I need to get to You
Let’s sail on like a ship on a sea
And I promise a ‘yes’ all the way


  1. When will u write for YADA??send one of these articles to NOW!!!

  2. When will u write for YADA??send one of these articles to NOW!!!



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