Monday, January 18, 2010


You have a plan
I see your plan
I don’t qualify
Images of the future you showed before I even started out on this journey
Now you brighten them up with colors
Maybe then I could have believed them
But now, I don’t
Cause now I don’t qualify
I have taken wrong routes
And where I am now I don’t even see on the map
I come to you waiting to see whether you have another option
A plan B maybe
Somehow that would at least make up for my wrong choices
A substitute plan
But still you show me that BIG PICTURE
I’m saying in my heart
‘Plan A is not possible, can’t you see that Dear God’
‘My plan is possible; you should start seeing that dear child’
But I’m not qualified!
Not that I mean to reject your plan but how can it be?
Look I have trailed off your path set before me in so many ways
Then just at that point it dawns on me
You are God
And I’m not
You are the maker of the path
I am the follower of the path
Who are you not to say that anything is possible?
Who am I to say something is impossible
I better stop switching parts
I better stop playing roles
I better stop playing ‘God’
I better throw away the ego
I better start humbling myself under your mighty hand that I might be lifted up by in due season
I better stop
And I better start completing my statements with grace before you the Almighty
So I rephrase
Who am I to qualify for your plan?
And who am I to say I don’t qualify?

P.S.- For those who seek second chances to start over again. it's never too late to begin a new life. And you would be surprised that it will be the best you've ever had :)



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