Wednesday, January 13, 2010


City on a hill
You are a trace of hope to the lost traveler
Your light pierces this present darkness
They see it and reckon it not
They see it
They wouldn’t deny that
They see it but for some they don’t have the empowerment to comprehend it
They see it but for some they have fallen in love with the darkness
Lighthouse of the world
The world is a dark place
Those who see and not just look with their eyes see it
Your light tells a story of grace and free mercy
Help the simple ones understand
Pray the hard at heart relax for some grace juice
Perhaps emphasize that it’s for free
In fact they receive interest and grants of laying down an heavier load of self and obsession and picking up a lighter load of love and sacrifice
It would all be worth it
Ponder not on the heavy stones of rejection they throw at your glass lighthouse
It’s evidence that you’ve been built to last
Hold not back the Light
Shine on with intensity
Shine with great strength
They wait
They long
They grope
They hope
They hope against hope
They grope in the darkness like a man searching for a way out in the darkest of haunted houses
They long as the adventurous deer longs the water brooks for refuge from the enemy
They wait . . .
They wait like no comparison
I hear the cries of their waiting
City on a hill
Lighthouse of the world
Now is not the time for a breakdown
Shine on!
They wait for the light

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