Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Remembered [A Book of a Life]

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At the end of the day what do to want your life to say about you?

That you ate cheese burgers and grew fat?

That you had babies and lots of sex?

That you binged and trimmed till you looked like the lady on the cover of the magazine?

That you were beautiful and had the best boys?

That you were the kid of the block and was so cool?

That you were so genius Smart, Einstein must have been jealous?

That you could sleep walk in high heels?

That you could speak Latin, German, Khoza, Italian, Mandarin and Jupiternese?

That you were super rich?

I know a lot of this are just a breeze and laugh-off able

But what do you want to be remembered for?

In fact do we ever think of been remembered?

In a me-me world do we ever think of them- the people, the other out of our self.

There's a seperatedness we can enter into in our head-space but it's a lie, we are connected.

What matters to me does matter to you.

What happens to them is a chain effect. The proof: our father is God.
Lost and found children of God.

We'll you be remembered?

Like a biography reads that stirs hearts, what book will be written about you?

A book is already being written whether or not you are a writer or have hired a biographer. It's called your life and it will speak at the end when you strike the last letter.

The book called your life
A book of a life
The book of life.

These days I'm opening my pages with more intentionally.
I am a dreamer so I start from the end.
I ask myself at a tension moment or tough point "Steven, how do you want it (the situation) to turn out in the end?"
I often retort "beautiful" I have always had a thing for Cinderella things. No tragedy.

And in that moment I am offered a chance to take my turn.
To make a hard and sometimes painful choice that may hurt (but not harm) me or someone I love in that moment.

To love a little harder, turn the other cheek when all I want to give is to give a side kick.

To give up that which I have been given.

To chose vulnerability and a sincere conversation over feigning and a facade that could me win Mr Fab of the year.

These are my choices and these are the things I want to be remembered for.

That though I was broken,  I walked whole and helped others to be whole.

That though I was fully human, I was also fully super.

That though life took my wings, I flew and lifted others up too.

That though all that was served at the table was hate, hate and some more hate, I regurgitated love.

This is the miracle.

This is me.

That though I was once blind but now I see.

Amazing huh?

Friend, if it (the things we done and pour our lives into) all comes down to a fervent faith, a daring hope and an unquenchable love, we will be held and shielded.

Be remembered. Choose the things you want that book to read. Start from the end. How do you want it to be?

Choose the things you want that life to speak.

Cause no one can stop the fact that: it will speak. It's only a matter of time.

But now is your time.

Hold your pen.


You my friend already are writing.

Write intentionally.


"Sometimes being a brother is better than being a superhero" -  Marc Brown


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