Friday, May 27, 2011


If everything ends now
Who would I be?
If the curtains fell now
What would I do?

I’m a flower in your rain of mercy
At least that’s what you said

And flowers don’t walk away
They bloom where planted
And you promise to provide rain till this one blooms with beauty

The end of hope is the beautiful me you see
The end of hope is not to give up on myself
To give up on myself is drawing the curtains before the end of the story you are writing
To lose heart is a flower that walks away
To lose heart is the abnormal
Not what we were made for

I won’t walk away
I’m sticking to you
In this rain be the rain I need to see my flower bloom
I won’t give up on my self
In this story be the one who draws the curtains
And last I heard
There are many beautiful scenes to come before the curtains fall.

Monday, May 23, 2011



Ayo, you can’t win for me
I’m sitting at my work bench and preparing to type away. It’s been a busy week. Okay busy, I’m kind of scared of that word. It’s the word that makes me shorten conversation time on my favourite couch with the divine. I mean it’s a privilege beyond words to have access to dialogue with the one who carved Mount Everest with his words and here I am at times saying ‘. . .Okay sweet Lord, I love with all my heart and you know that but I’m almost late for work. . . .’ I blow a kiss and rush out of the ‘dwelling place’.

On the contemplative and reflective, how pathetic I can be. I want to do so much for God but I just don’t wait enough to know what he wants done.

I want to run for God but at the moment He is walking through the slums in my neighbourhood touching the broken

I want to fly for God but the ones in need of his touch through me are where arms don’t reach the sky

I want to win for God but he’s chasing after me wanting to tell me ‘rest
Yes rest child, I already won’

The ache we go through is because we do not ‘know’ the provisions of the Father who gave it all for us

The pain, though it might teach us to be more alert to him is because we do not have an understanding of the pain he paid at Calvary
I hear you say ‘tell us . . . tell us what you know’
Oh I’m learning too.
It’s an experience so you have to dive in to learn too
Some things I’m sure of
‘Calvary’ is more than words on a paper
Redemption is more than a story to tell
And grace is an experience of which if we had a taste of, it could make us race the world.
There’s a path of intimacy carved out by our spiritual fathers. We forget we can’t slay Goliath without spending time in the fields to ‘hear’ it’s five and not three stones we are meant to pick. We forget we can’t birth a nation without entering into ‘covenant’ friendship with the Divine just like Abraham, and that we can’t bear our cross with so much poise and joy without ‘setting out before dawn’ to find a place of solitude just like our Lord Jesus.
It’s sad that if the king of kings who measures the whole universe with the span of his hands has called us all to a ‘feast’ but few choose to come. Love honours invitations it doesn’t just blow kisses. Love makes out time for a time to commune.

Ayo, you can’t win for me; I’ve already won

But how Lord? I can’t win for you! But I need to . . .  I need to. The kids are dying in Somalia. There’s war in some parts in Sudan. Women are being trafficked year round via the coast of Greece. I have to win. . . I have to win for you in these places.
You have to ‘know’ I’ve already won to experience victory in the things you want to win in

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paula White, Thoughts on Being a Better Writer, Pastor T.D Jakes’ New Movie and Other Things


I have seen Pastor Paula White twice on trinity broadcasting network (TBN) after her divorce and I just love her heart the more. It’s beautiful when we choose not to grow cynical from the trials we go through in life. It’s a super star stunt, when we gather treasures in the darkness and wait for the light of dawn.

The picture of a victor who has overcome reads:

‘The light would sure come; I would gather the treasures of darkness and wear them as accessories of faith in the light. I would say with confidence; See what the lord has done, if He can bring me through, he can do the same for you. He is faithful’.

But it funny how most people embrace more of ‘fate’ and not faith when they go through. James 1:2-3 says:

‘My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your Faith worketh patience’

As I watched Paula White some days back on ‘Praise the Lord’ Live, I was sure she had some treasures to share. She made a statement that keeps ringing in my head ‘You can’t lead someone else to a place you have never been’. And that’s so true. Let’s pause and think: what broken routes are the events in our lives making us pass by? They might be rough but guys we can’t be cynical. We just can’t be. It’s time to draw out our book and take notes of the journey, curves, and bends and moments God showed up at very ‘late’ hours. It’s a matter of time. When we go through we are bound to help another find their way through a similar path.

These days ‘everybody’ writes. At least if not a page, 140 characters on the world acclaimed twitter. But not everyone fulfills the aim of writing. The writer writes to communicate an idea or a thought process that produces an effect on the other end; that’s what shows the effectiveness of a write up anyway. I want to be a better writer. I want to change the word with my pen. Like I love to say ‘I am a warrior and the pen is my sword’. So on my quest to be a writer that communicates better, I stumbled on something said by another writer that totally rocked my world, and here is it:

…I write to fill the hole in my heart. At any given time, all of us have an empty spot, one that is calling for companionship, for example, or for justice, love, romance, or a belly laugh. When I sit down to write, I look to see what hole needs filling at that particular moment. Sometimes that can be painful—but it can’t be ignored. Flat or uninteresting writing often signals something deeper that is being covered up.
-Kathi Appelt (in a May 2011 The Writer interview with Mary Quattlebaum) 

Okay, I'm learning. A writer that wants to communicate must be honest.


Pastor TD jakes has a new movie titled 'Jumping the Broom', and I’m just so excited about it. Watching ‘Not easily broken’ (one of his former production which featured A-list actor Morris Chestnut) was just an experience. The suspense, the tears, the drama, you just name it. I can’t wait to see this new one and I already heard that A-list actress Angela Bassett is on the cast of this one. The movie was produced by T.D. Jakes, Tracey E. Edmonds, Elizabeth Hunter, Glendon Palmer and Curtis Wallace. The casting director was Twinkie Byrd. In fact it’s already showing in the cinemas in the US. So in case you find it in a movie theater near let it be the one to watch. I guarantee it to be a thrilling experience.

Monday, May 16, 2011


*Courage has a voice dripping with purpose
And it says:
I believe that I am indestructible until my work on earth is done
That’s the picture of someone with a clear idea of his purpose and calling*

If I’m a part of the story you are telling
I need to be courageous about my calling
My calling to play the part assigned to the character you formed for me

Why are we so afraid to step out of the margin?
Why are we so afraid to dream with You, write the vision and make it plain even for the next 50 years
We have listened to the beguiling lie of the one who robbed us of purpose back in Eden
That tomorrow is not sure
That tomorrow is not secured
And my big question to question that is:

If we serve and live in the maker, king and the most sovereign being of the entire universe, then why are we so afraid?
Why do we question our security in him?
Why do we question our safety in him?
Why do we question the surety of our calling in him?

For me, I’m dusting my broom and thereby dusting my room
I’m dusting my broom: and I’m reconsidering purpose
I’m dusting this room with an already dusted broom: and I’m becoming courageous in my calling

If the maker and the one who holds the universe in his hands is my FATHER, then why should I be afraid that he wouldn’t fulfill his duties in taking care of me?

Of some things I’m sure
Fear and courage don’t walk on the same road; nevertheless the same direction
Fear takes us down; Courage takes us up
My question for you: what births the courage we need to live successfully with?
What births it?
It is obviously not fear

Courage has a voice dripping with purpose
And please listen closely because it says:
“I believe that I am indestructible until my work on earth is done”
That’s the picture of someone with a clear idea of his purpose and calling

If we are a part of the story He’s telling, we need to be courageous about our calling
Our calling to play the part assigned to the character He has formed for us.
·         What dreams and visions concerning the future has God been showing you or putting on your heart. Write them down and make it plain remembering that it’s really not your ‘abilities’ but your ‘availability’ that qualifies you to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for your life.
·         What really are you afraid of? What fears wake you up in the middle of the night reminding you of the lie that ‘you are on your own in this world’? Get into God’s word (The Bible), it’s in there you can know and experience how much God loves you. Remember, perfect love casts out (throws away) all fear. Here are some scriptures about purpose and God’s surety. You can start from here and check them out. Psalms 57:2, Psalms 138:8, Ephesians 2:10, Proverbs 19:21, Proverbs 20:5, Jeremiah 29:11-13, Romans 8: 28. Romans 9: 20- 21, Ephesians 1: 11-12, Romans 5:5

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Our first book is something we could all use. In a world filled with so much opinions, definitions, concepts and ways to go about the 'POPULAR' three letter word 'SEX', we could use some light.
The irony of it all is how little this topic is discussed and how much it is practiced. I have a copy of Sex. by Dave Bordon, flipped through it and already made a space for it this month on my reading calendar and I really think it's worth the time going through. The format in which it's written is so simple and easy to read. It's written in a 'Truth and Lie' nugget style. You would sure find it enjoyable. Looking for a book to read this month? Or who knows you might be the busy type, you could use something while waiting for that business meeting or in between transit flights at the airports. Let it be Sex. It's sure worth your time.

Below are the book details

Book Title: Sex.-Discovering Real Love in a World of Counterfeits
Author: Dave Bordon
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 205
Vendor: Barbour Publishing
Publication Date: 2006
Dimensions: 7.5 X 4.38 X 0.5 (inches)
ISBN: 1597891347

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


When we are oceans apart
And there's nothing I can really do
I turn to the weapon of prayer
It is the hand of God working for me
In places my hands can't reach

When we are worlds apart
And there are mountains in between
I get on my knees in prayer
Closing my eyes in faith
That as I utter my heart desires concerning you to the Divine
These mountains move
Walls are broken
A path appears amidst our Red sea
And the good and love I want to see in your life
Which is still a thought dancing in my heart
Becomes a reality at your end of the earth.


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