Friday, May 27, 2011


If everything ends now
Who would I be?
If the curtains fell now
What would I do?

I’m a flower in your rain of mercy
At least that’s what you said

And flowers don’t walk away
They bloom where planted
And you promise to provide rain till this one blooms with beauty

The end of hope is the beautiful me you see
The end of hope is not to give up on myself
To give up on myself is drawing the curtains before the end of the story you are writing
To lose heart is a flower that walks away
To lose heart is the abnormal
Not what we were made for

I won’t walk away
I’m sticking to you
In this rain be the rain I need to see my flower bloom
I won’t give up on my self
In this story be the one who draws the curtains
And last I heard
There are many beautiful scenes to come before the curtains fall.

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