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On Community : Ayo's Journal [A Birthday Special]

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There is something more powerful than anybody - and that is everybody - Eddy Rickenbacker

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August 1


It's morning and almost dawn. I woke up with a sense of nostalgia. Yesterday I came back from a teenage retreat organized by my church. I was a coordinator right there and sincerely miss everyone. It's the summer and most packed their bags for their various summer spots after. Okay, I'm gonna miss each and every one of my guys, I just said that again and sincerely I can't wait till next year when we all are gathered for another.

I'm sitting here listening to Audio Adrenaline's Glory. It's a bit rocky and it's from a CD I got when I left high school. The whole scene this morning gets me wondering how easily we tend to move on after a human contact. Everyone likes to prove 'strong' and fake the ' it's was really nice meeting you but i have moved on since then'. Sometimes we even give it a shrug humming at the end 'i have a life to live'. I remember high school days, I remember college days, I remember my service year. I remember the amazing and beautiful people I met. How I had a chance to pour into their lives and how they sincerely poured into mine too. The laughs, the cries, the worries we shared, the joys we both jumped to. I look back and smile. Now everyone has moved on both emotionally and in fact geographically. But one thing I try for time to time to do is to treasure those times in my heart and not just be cynical about them. I remember this truth from time to time; I cant have a real and sincere life without the people around me.

Dear friends we must remember, people need us and we need them too. Let's learn to freeze the beautiful moments we all have. Some people our paths would never cross again but it's in the moment we release ourselves to draw from the treasure of moments we had together that our paths cross again. And it's does a good thing to us. It clears the room in our hearts to love a little more and respect what it means to be truly human.

It's not that I do these things from time to time. Sometimes if not most I tend to lean to the side of being emotionally frozen but I'm learning too. I'm learning to pick up the phone once in while to send a big electric smile. I'm learning to retell a story of how an old friend helped me through a very hard time to a new friend. I'm learning to appreciate from day to day the various beautiful people I have come across my entire life. And I invite you to do the same. Though it might get us tender at first but we should remember this ' We can't have a real and sincere life without the people around us'.

The little lessons I have been learning about the importance of community has spurred this up. Finally I would like to give a big shout out to everyone I went to high school with, everyone I went to college with, everyone I did the national service with, in fact everyone I did primary school with, I sure remember you too. A big thank you for the joy days. It was a privilege sharing life with you. And lastly, to my church youth group, I sure have a date this time next year. I cover my eyes as I say this but I might just say it, I might as well be packing for the next retreat. It's a great privilege sharing life with you. :D


October 31

That was some months back. And today my birthday, as I look over the last year of my life, one of the many lessons I've learnt is 'not neglecting community'. People are important. This past year for me was a redefinition of why I am here. I had to make lot's of HARD choices, and serious my back still pains. LOL! I also had to say lots of nos and turn down lots of good things.

I'm grateful to God, my Sustenance who keeps leading me into all I need to be and learn  per time. I'm also thankful for friends who don't think I'm a monster for forgetting and not calling them on their own birthdays ( cause, really I'm not one) LOL! .  I'm wide-eyed and expectant for the year ahead. I hear romance and travel. Did you just raise a brow? There's a time for everything and it's beautiful when you wait for your time, oh yes it is. And yes, lots of writing still and some personal projects I would be embarking on.

And also to my readers, it's been a privilege. You are one of the many reasons I'm here.

This year expect the unexpected, God can do more than we can ever imagine. A little exercise: Pause, Imagine the best you can for yourself . . .  are you through? Where you stopped is where God starts! Lean your entire being on Him. Trust in Him


If I had it to do all over again,
I'd get help
If you make it to the top alone,
then you didn't climb averyhigh hill - John C. Maxwell

Question of the day: What are your thoughts on community? How important are other people from your point of view? Would love to read your comments :)

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