Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Download New Album [Pocketless Souls] From Je'kob For Free Here!

If You Like: Kid Cudi, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Canton Jones, and Ambassador

Three weeks back, Je'kob ( member of the  Hip/Hop duo Washington Projects) tweeted about the release of his second full lenght album 'Pocketless Souls' and the amazing thing about it (like the first "Minor Setbacks For Major Comeups) is that it's FREE!

What came to mind about the first was that since it would be free then it wouldn't be so good but I was so wrong!. The album was just so good all in all and well produced.

So today I would love to annouce to you all on my blog that Jekob's second full length album is out and you can get it here.

I highly reccomend it and I love Jekob's music too. Here is what he has to say concerning his new album

“Prayerfully this record will hit home with a great deal of people out there struggling with the economy, addictions, feelings of inadequacy & their faith. The concept behind "Pocketless Souls" is simple. We are all spiritual beings who all too often get caught up in the rat race of life. It is an encouragement to prioritize your life around the reality that we can take nothing we acquire here with us into the afterlife. The most important thing we can do with our time here is to truly make it worth while & passionately spread the Good News every chance we get.” Je'kob

You don't want to miss this guys, in fact there's a song on the album with Coldplay, it's titled 'Pushin' me'. Go now. Click on the link and get Je'kob's new album  ( It's FREE and it's great!) and tell me what you feel about it.

Waiting to hear from you :D

P.S- You can check out Jekob on twitter and his website. You can also get the first album 'Minor Setbacks For Major Comeups' here

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