Tuesday, October 18, 2011


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There would be seasons

There would be seasons you would have to wear the same tarred clothes for a long time

And walk in old shoes till they are due to have holes

Don't worry He would keep you

And Don't worry if the holes do not appear

There would be seasons you would be like a channel, you just can't store anything for the future

Somehow the future comes and you are replenished

You have enough to feed your household

There is no plenty but you are not empty

There's joy and enough food on the table

Sometimes we need to live like the sojourner that we are to remind ourselves that our God is faithful

When we trust him even when we wear the same clothes for a hundred years, they don't grow old

When we trust him even when we wear the same shoes for a thousand, they don't have holes

When we trust him even when we have nothing in our store houses at night we need not worry about breakfast

With the dawning of a new day he would rain enough manna for us and our household

The beauty of these moments

The beauty of these seasons is the beauty that springs forth in our souls

We are truly beautiful once again

Like how it was meant to be, we can't do without him in the 'evenings' once more
We trust

We long for his presence

We stop the 'Gomer' parade and find our rootings like cedars of Lebanon in the One by which we've been named

And somehow that's all we need

For a world that nothing in it remains when all is said and done

His presence sustains

P.S. - This day, my heart goes out to everyone (reading this) who is in a hard place. There might not be enough in the storehouse but look at the breakfast table. He has been faithful. Say 'Thank You'.


'Don't keep' I heard

'Take enough for you and your family'

'Eat and be merry'

Some kept it till the next day and there were worms at their table

(to be contd.)

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