Tuesday, October 25, 2011

iRecommend [Not Myself Anymore by Jessa Anderson]

If You Like : Taylor Swift, Cold Play, Maroon 5, Jill Phillips, Ashlee Simpsons, Anadara, Avril Lavinge (Her First Album 'Let Go' )

I got Jessa Anderson's Music some weeks back when I first read a review about it @ Jesusfreakhideout.com but didn't listen to it until yesterday. Jessa's Music is pure awesomeness! No two words better describe. The creativity of the songwriting would spark up imagination and the depth would pierce your heart. The music is so enjoyable, reflective and easy to listen to. And the lyrics sincere, heart-felt and honest.

You might not be a fan of this genre but sincerely this is different and it would inspire you. As I kept listening over and over again last night, I kept saying to myself  "This lady has a story to tell", And yes she does. 'Not Myself Anymore' is an invitation to listen to the storytelling of Jessa and her inspiring, creative and easy to listen-to music.

For more info, you can follow the artist on Twitter and Facebook 
You can also visit her website by clicking here

Till next time on iRecommend always remember,

" We'll take our chances on a big dream. Never won over by a sure thing. No longer run for cover ,hiding. We're moving on. Been underestimated by them. Told we were never gonna' make it. Without our ticket to what they have. But we're moving on. . .  " - Jessa Anderson (From the song 'Moving On')

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