Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Faith Really Means [Sweet Pancakes From The Devil]

[Image by Katie Quinn]

Some want the gifts but do not believe in the existence of the Giver
How do you receive gifts from a hand you are not seeing?
Maybe they are handed sweet pancakes from the Devil
We humans have a heart condition too shallow to know differences
Between sweet and sour
Between bitter and better
We often mistaken shiny for good most times
To know good we must collaborate with the Giver
We must know with certitude the hand handing down our gifts
Cause real faith is believing that God the giver is 
And all that He has given, is giving, and would be giving is REAL

Ponder : In a (church) culture that magnifies the faith of receiving things instead of receiving God, have you ever wondered how dangerous the outcome of this could be? Consider the term 'sweet pancakes from the devil', God is the giver of all good things but we forget all that glitters isn't of necessity gold. What is the harm in letting the gifts pave the way for us as Christians? Would love to hear your thoughts

Wonder : Hebrews 11:6 (The Holy Bible)

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