Monday, December 26, 2011

Boost! [6 Days]

 [Image via Flickr]

Do you believe that God in his loving mercies and unfathomable kindness wants to do some 'super' cool and great stuff in your life before this year ends?

Point of Correction : It's not the end of the year. The year is running to an end.
We've got 6 days left before this year ends.

Point to Remember : It took God just 6 days to make this whole wide world we live in and can't fathom it depths yet after uncountable years of exploration and research.

Point to Ponder : Do you think 5 days is too small for your situation and life?
I think it's in fact too much.

Expect the impossible

Don't try to calculate it

Believe God

Just trust God for whatever it might be you want to see in your life before this year runs out no matter how big, God is bigger.

Be sincere, God can handle your honesty.

Expect the impossible

Believe the one who makes impossible stories possible
Amazing things happen in 6 days
Remember it took him just 6 to set the world in motion
Point of Duty: You just believe (John14:1)

P.S. - Merry Christmas friends and a Happy coming new year. Lots of  'super' great things are still going to happen in your life before the end of the year. I hope you are expecting them. Less I forget, yes I wrote a special post for Christmas titled 'Tinsel' but couldn't post it up yesterday (lots of celebration on this end). Wanted to post it up next year Christmas but that's a long time. So I'm giving my readers the opportunity to decide if it should still come up this year or not. I would love to hear from you. 'Post' or 'not to post' 'Tinsel'. Leave a comment :)


  1. great news. ur right 6 days is infact too much to have a miracle and just as you've pointed, expectation is the key. not even hope coz expectation means you're sure of what's gonna happen. good to know you had a wonderful xmas. compliments of this season



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