Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My Jesus I love you
Remove the veil
You have come to rescue
But Lord remove the veil
From Sin and shame and depths of Sheol
Make us see the things you have done

We know in letters of men the things you have done
But do we see by heart the depth of the things you've done?
We cloud up the cleared path of grace with the theology of the former race
Do we know God?
Remove the veil
We try to put God in a box but sorry God escaped at the cross

Father show us
The intentions of your heart
Why you came
Why you gave
All you had on a cross
Show us the road to your heart
In your heart is the precious heart we lost in Eden
Show us

I am a man trying to find my way
A Christian in words of men
There's gotta to be more to this
The father's heart
The father's love
To open my eyes is to hearken the call of grace
Come and rest is all it says to my weary soul
But I come and pick up again the tablets of commandments Moses already shattered in anger

Jesus Jesus
Remove the veil
Make us see
We love you
Make us new
Help us see the way
The way of grace
Help us learn that we do not learn grace by knowing it's definition
But an the experience would make us race the world for you
And help see
That a veil is always to be removed
Cause in that is the translation from a level of glory to another

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