Monday, October 25, 2010


So you want to cry and break down?

But little one the world waits on you

The tears won’t take away the pain

It’s a call to get up and love for more

A call to discover strength you never knew you had

Listen little one

Listen to the voice in your heart

Soft and sweet

You are angry at what it ask of you

Cause all it beckons you to do seems so simple to be true

‘Let go and move on’

That’s all you can do little one

Revenge isn’t in your hands

You have a vindicator

Let him do the work

You have a part to play

Just get up of that self made pit called self pity and live for more

Cause there’s so much more

So much more to live for

And the world waits to live for more

So step out and live for more

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